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Wrestler Says John Cena Was Cheating On His Wife During Their Marriage

Another wrestler has come forward with claims that John Cena was unfaithful to his wife. Kris Katera, who worked with WWE as enhancement talent Chris Wellman and an extra from 2006 to 2010, vouches for Kenn Doane’s allegations toward the Cenation Commander-in-Chief.

“I worked with WWE on and off from 2006-2010 and can back up most everything you say about Cena and his cheating ways man!” he tweeted to Doane on Wednesday.

Doane, who labored as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, blames an affair between Cena and Mickie James for ruining his relationship with the former Diva and ultimately costing him his job.

In response to a fan tweet that Cena’s a good hearted person, Katera wrote, “Cheating multiple times with different women while on the road when his wife was at home unaware … not cool!”

Katera says Cena would often discuss his sexual escapades with Jonathan Coachman, who worked for the organization as an announcer through 2008.

“Constant talking about hooking up with this chick or that chick,” Katera says of Cena. “Him and Jonathan Coachman were always talking about it!”

Cena’s estranged wife Elizabeth Huberdeau is convinced the WWE Superstar was unfaithful during their marriage and is now on a mission to prove it in court. Her attorney Raymond Rafool told last week they’ve been receiving tips of Cena’s extramarital affairs which, if proven true, could affect their prenuptial agreement and the terms of their pending divorce.

  • Tina

    What I think is hilarious is the Cena haters have no more proof that John cheated any more than the Cena fans have that he didn’t. This is all based on something some reject cheerleader is saying. Anybody that has to say “I have a stable job and I’m happy” is more saying it to try and convince themselves that they are. It’s obvious he’s hoping for a pay day from Cena’s wife’s lawyer for providing info for the divorce. I’m gonna wait until the divorce is finalized before I decide fully. One thing I wanna know from the haters, what happens if the cheerleading reject is proved wrong? Then what? Really feel safe putting all your eggs in that basket?

  • shawn

    kenny being an asshole tattle mf’r has my disdain as much as people who cheat when the victims of the affairs could lose something out of them. its low and i bet kennys soul is affected by it a little. then more.

  • LSC


    I don’t care if he wanted to hold something in, if someone you know/work with etc is cheating on their partner, you tell them. Its cruel to keep sick things like that bottled in. I know if I found out one of my friends were cheating on their partners with a co-worker, I’d tell the partner or warn them. Keeping things locked away isn’t going to mean shit at the end of the day and therefore, I think Kenny Dykstra is attention seeking. Btw Tara just owned Kenny Dykstra so Dykstra can shut up! He’s getting a bit annoying now. Like I said, must be wanting attention since he has been forgotten about

  • MaNic

    what? WHAT!? WHAT!? what??? WHAT! yeahhh thats right cenation shit down , and stfu nothing you cry and wine about can ever or will ever be able to change the fact that in real life off camera away from make a wish and all the stuff he pretends to care about cena is nothing but low life skum bag who should have everything taken away from him and givin to the women who sat home day in day out missing and loving him just to have the insecure lost little child take advantage of her love and trust.

  • keylo

    at LSC and cheesehandler have you two not being reading the reports since they came out fully as Kenn Doane has stated, he didnt want to say anything till now as he thought he would get rehired and now he is in a job where he is happy now and he knows they will never offer him a spot on the roster so he doesnt give a flying fuck hence the talking whether it is true or not.

  • cheesehandler

    hahahaha….why are these bums and nobodys just now coming out the closet?? kenny….chris….grow up and move on… wish you had what cena has….road wifes home wifes…you wish you had that shit!!

  • JohnCena33

    I will not shut the fuck up. Besides if Cena did hook up with Melina it WAS BEFORE HE WAS MARRIED SO WHO GIVES A SHIT. If he did cheat on his wife during the marriage, then I lost my respect for him.

  • The_electrifying_one

    I take most things on here with a pinch of salt. It’s not my place say Cena has or hasn’t done these things.

    But if he has. His career is screwed!

  • Devil_Rising

    Cena fans need to shut the fuck up. If Kenny and others are just blowing smoke, and Cena really IS such a great guy and this is all BS, it’ll come out in the wash. But if he IS a cheating, lying piece of trash, then you’ll have to accept that too.

    And besides, of COURSE it’s “only former talent that no longer work for the company” coming out and saying anything. Would you honestly expect someone IN the WWE to risk losing their job by saying shit like this?

  • Bastion Booger

    For those of you asking why Kenny would talk about it now if you have been reading what he has been saying it answers the questions for you. He has said he doesnt care if he works for the WWE now he has a stable job and is happy. Why would he have said anything before if he wanted to return to the WWE now that he is set in his life he has no reason to be quite about it. I respect Cena for all that he does for make a wish but that doesnt mean he is not a scumbag when it comes to banging other guys chicks

  • CC

    The fact that this guy says that Cena was out cheating on his wife and bragged to Coachman about it is quite funny seeing as Coach left in 08 and Cena didnt get married til 09.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Very hard to see, the dark side clouds everything. Meditate on this I will.

  • greatest one

    Nobody who has a chance to get back into WWE will say anything. They need to save as$. I agree coach won’t say anything, why would he?

  • J-Dogg

    Doesn’t anyone respond that Mickie had to have done Cena back so why is John the only bad one here? She is as much to blame, probably more to intice John to cheat on his beautiful wife.

  • Bawb

    I got some good dislikes because I don’t want to make a comment on all of this until the divorce is settled? All the trolls, marks, and immature assholes that comment on this site have absolutely no idea what goes on in these wrestlers’ private lives. How can you come to a respectable conclusion without serious evidence?

    And, agreed, Doane is a nobody who has nothing better to do than to bitch about someone else.

  • LSC

    This little blame game is getting pathetic and what’s funny is that ever since Cena and his wife have prepared to split, Kenny Dykstra has been smiling and is constantly ranting about how Cena ruined his career etc. Yes I know cheating is wrong BUT

    1. Why didn’t Kenny Dykstra speak about this before? It makes me wonder if he is either trying to spill the beans and being a dick about it
    2. Shall I just bitch about who cheated on me on Twitter? Seriously this guy goes on 24/7 on how Cena cheated on his wife. I think I should bitch about my ex’s

    Dykstra, you were a nobody before all this shit happened and now the news is out, you decide to add fuel to the fire. Shut up jobber-boy and go back into being a nobody. I am starting to think this is another (YAWN) attention seeking game. Why wait til now???

  • Drake F3lix

    When coach worked for WWE Cena wasn’t even married. So who cares?

  • SYM

    @sean I know you just got off the potty and all but use ya Big Boy Words instead of typing gibberish. Here come so more excuses from Cena Fans or haters from the IWC. So because hes unknown hes lying about Cena cheating? And don’t count on the Coach saying anything. Hes right there in the CONSPIRACY! He kissed Cena’s Ass & still is Kissing ass on ESPN with his good buddy Todd Grisham.

  • u people are wrong whould not cheat theme to wrestlers just want to be in the spot light.

  • YES! 3X

    Yet another jobber throws his name into the Cena bashing hat. Why don’t former stars back up Doane claims? Just a bunch of jealous nobodies who want to blame their failures on Cena.

    I imagine cheating has always been a big part of living on the road but the fact of the matter is Cena has done more for pro wrestling in any 1 year than Doane, Shad, or whoever the hell that jobber’s name is has in their entire careers combined together.

    Im not Cena’s biggest fan but everything he’s done for all those sick and dying children really won over my respect. If only more celebrities were as selfless.

  • Skip

    No way Coachman says a word about this. He’s climbing the ladder at ESPN and with the “good ole boys” reputation ESPN already has, Coach is going to steer as far from this as possible.

  • If I looked like Cena.. and on the road I too would bang everything is sight.. especially if my wife was being a bitch about remodeling the house!

  • xXx

    coachman’s name came up. i guess time for him to speak up.. thing is another guy, unknown guy surfaces? why is it unknown guys bash at him? i mean, i’m no cena fan but bringing up the coach’s name should stir the pot even more..

  • Bawb

    Not going to comment until a settlement is reached on the divorce.

  • rko

    What else you got now cena fans?? I guess this guy is just another jealous loser making stuff up. Where there is smoke, there is fire.