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Why WWE Kept Brock Off RAW, More on the Planned Beatdown Angle

– We noted before that The Rock was scheduled to be beatdown by Brock Lesnar on the post-WrestleMania 29 RAW to set up a WrestleMania XXX match, but had to return to Miami because of the injury he suffered. According to those close to the situation, Rock was the one who came up with the angle. Monday afternoon was described as panic because Vince McMahon led the writing team in re-doing the entire show.

Lesnar was kept off RAW when word came that Rock wasn’t going to be there because it’s now the start of his new contract and he has very limited TV dates over the next year. WWE officials didn’t want to waste a Rock or Brock appearance without something major happening.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Mabry

    I havnt heard anything either… good to see that apparently, Brock is being very pro about this.

  • Sean Kaboni

    cause of his standing?? LOL…maybe you have no clue or idea but behind the scenes, undertaker has all the stroke. he is the judge, jury and executioner in the locker room.

  • D2K

    As vicious as Brock has looked I haven’t heard any reports of anyone getting hurt as a result of it but him actually. So either guys are taking their lumps and being quiet about ti because they know that they need his name for marquee value, or, he’s gotten better at protecting people.

  • Vinay Chandavarakar

    Glad to hear its Rock vs Brock….WM30 got to be Undertaker vs Cena…..just imagine..somewhere down the line Cena turns heal…even if he doesn’t…he is the only guy any fan will believe that can possibly break the streak…..not cause of the talent..but cause of his standing…can be a great match…we’ve all seen that when Cena has a good opponent, he can deliver

  • Mabry

    yeah, your right about that. Now i do think that Taker can work a stiff match, hes a big strong guy, but there are moves that worry me. Thats where Taker could get hurt badly, hes pretty beat up and Lesnar, i insist, the guy is a beast, hes not from this planet, strongwise i mean… it would be an interesting match to see though, maybe Brock would tone down a bit since the Undertaker is probably the most respected guy in wrestling!!!!….

  • D2K

    Amen. It would have been cool to have had Brock attack Taker the night after WM to set up a WMXXX match. I’d rather see The Rock vs Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

    Taker wants to do it, so stop going against the grain and give him the flipping match WWE. Sheesh.

  • D2K

    I think a little bit of both is true. It’s hard to tone it down when you’ve been in the MMA world. It’s took Ken Shamrock awhile to bring his intensity down when he first entered WWE.

    I also think that Brock still had a mind set of the ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era in which in ring work was a lot more stiff than it is now. That could be one reason why he is only put in there with guys who can rise to that level of intensity.

  • Mabry

    I would be very scared watching that match… in hes prime, i think Taker would beat Lesnar, but today, Brock could brak em… and i really feel like hes going to break anyone he faces…. Lesnar is a beast, and he makes me feel like all he wants to do is kill someone…. or maybe he does hes job extremely well to make me think that….

  • d_pooch

    Set up Brock vs.Undertaker instead…

  • Hasan

    dat part timers!