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WWE Employees Assigned To Watch TNA, WWE Promotes CM Punk’s TV Appearance

– To correct a report from last week on WWE opening Raw broadcasts with a man narrating video packages after Vince McMahon was shown a tape of TNA Wrestling’s Impact Wrestling show, he was actually informed of the concept by an employee and upon being intrigued, immediately concluded that his company could do it better. It was noted that if he had actually watched an Impact Wrestling opening, he probably would have been embarrassed with WWE blatantly copying an idea from TNA.

Multiple members of WWE’s creative staff—more their assistants—are assigned to watch tapes of TNA, Ring of Honor and WWE’s NXT, and file a report on its contents. There are other employees who work in the same capacity as consultants for the company.

Though some creative writers joined WWE with no knowledge of professional wrestling whatsoever, there are some who were prior fans.

– The official WWE website is now promoting CM Punk’s scheduled appearance on Talking Dead this Sunday night at at 11 p.m. on AMC, a live talk show that discusses episodes of the popular The Walking Dead drama series.

Yesterday on Twitter, Punk vented on WWE not promoting his talk show appearance nor his return home to Chicago tomorrow as Official Grand Marshal of the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade. He wrote, “Yes, I will be on @AMCTalkingDead on Sunday. Shocking how WWE didn’t promote it or get AMC the proper materials in time to announce it. I will also be the Grand Marshall in the Chicago turkey day parade. Also not announced or promoted by “my” company. Shocking. This is what happens when you go over everyone’s head to hustle and acquire your own outside appearances. #disrespect.”


  • Thomas

    @ Ricardo: Yeah that’s true. But I also said a couple people. Of course there has to be someone to watch over the writer’s ideas. Like Vince looked over Russo’s ideas. But I still think some people have great storylines. Someone just has to watch over their ideas and make sure they don’t go out of control.

  • Nicholas

    If the Internet ran wrestling they would end up like WCW and ECW were are those company out of business.

  • Jerk Factor

    Yeah seems to me some of the best writing in WWE was in the mid to late 90’s (not counting 1995) when according to Cornette, they didnt really have a ‘writing team’ per se, just bookers/agents like him, Russo, Vince etc.

  • Ricardo

    @Thomas: Careful what you wish for. If people on this website ran the show, there would be angles mocking people who have heart attacks because that’s “attitude”. CM Punk and Bryan would be WWE/WH Champions for 10 years. Cena would lose every match or be fired. The Divas division would be Trish and Lita or no one at all (maybe Kong wrestling alone). But hey, it would be a “wrestling” show, not enterteinment. Because god forbid wrestling entertains anyone except the kids in the IWC who spend hours watching other kids wrestling in front of 15 people!

  • gkjgkjg

    Lol they cudve bpught TNA if they didn’t waste money on linda

  • Jim

    To be fair..Raw used to open with a preview with what was happening that night, but usually was read by Vince or Jerry.

  • Thomas

    WWE should hire people who are current fans of pro-wrestling. That’s a no-brainer.
    A couple of people on this site and on WZ have a lot of great ideas.

  • luckysalt

    @JohnCena33 TNA is 10x the ‘wrestling’ show WWE is. WWE is an entertainment programme, TNA is a wrestling show.

  • Me

    What a horrible job.

  • JohnCena33

    No Vince, your just giving Totally No Action more views. Just buy that so called “wrestling” show out and take the talents.