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WWE Ends Contract Negotiations With Chris Jericho, Officials Cautious On Jerry Lawler

– WWE officials had been negotiating with Chris Jericho on a new contract in recent weeks, but talks fell through. WWE opted to cease talks with the wrestler/musician in recent days.

It is believed that the proposed deal fell through due to control over when he worked as well as his activities outside of WWE. Officials were seeking a deal where the company would be his top priority and they would have some control over his outside endeavors. Jericho, on the other hand, wanted complete control of all of his activities.

Jericho was open to returning as early as this month had WWE agreed to his terms. He was looking to work forty to fifty dates per year, including full-time for cycles and even assisting the developmental program. However, he would determine the periods when he worked and would be strictly unavailable during tours, which WWE was not in favor of.

– Three weeks after suffering a heart attack while announcing at a WWE event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jerry “The King” Lawler stated in interviews in recent days that he is looking to return to the road as early as next month. Within WWE, however, there is no timetable on his return to the announce desk. It is said that company officials will be very cautious on bringing him back.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • cc

    I can really understand why WWE wont give into people like Kelly Kelly and Mickie James, but why on earth would they not be willing to let a guy like Jericho have the sort of deal he wants?
    The guy is a bonafide main event talent who is massively over with fans, and has put in more years than most of the talent on the roster.
    Its win/win for WWE to give him the deal he wants. Makes no sense to try and control him.

  • Paton

    I think Jericho has earned the right for this type of deal, it would be beneficial for both parties. As long as the money is right though, you don’t want to be paying a guy a tonne of money and for him to tell you he is not available this month

  • D2K

    I don’t know why people are jumping all over Brock Lesnar in this thread. I thought this was about Chris Jericho. Brock just took advantage of a situation when WWE was vulnerable. They needed start power, he needed something to do. Despite what they tell people, they came looking for HIM. Otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed to the terms that they did.

    To be quite honest, the way WWE has treated superstars such as Kelly Kelly, Jericho, and Edge in recent months I’m glad Brock is giving them a little piece of humble pie back to them. No WWE, you DON’T control everyone’s life. Talent does have a right to do what they want away from the ring.

    What they REAL issue is that WWE is hemorrhaging money and they want to get a piece of the money these superstar make elsewhere. That’s what I think is really at the heart of all this.

  • Prince

    Especially since Jericho is willing to come in purely to help younger talent, and put them over. Why the hell wouldn’t you want that? He’s great for the WWE.

  • Prince

    Wow, big fuck up by WWE on this one. Why they wouldn’t want Jericho around on that kind of deal is beyond me. They could really use him right now, that’s for sure. They gave guys like Brock deals on their terms, but not a guy like Jericho. Makes no sense at all.

  • Men on a Mission

    Typical WWE B.S.! “We want to control you, inside and outside of the company.” Maybe with younger talent, but not with the veterans…

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I agree with TheSheepDog and well, pretty much everyone else. Jericho is NOT Brock. Brock’s a fucking dick, to be honest. Big deal, SummerSlam got a huge buyrate. He wasn’t the only person on the card. I like that Brock’s back, but it’d be nice if he were actually around. He’s been back for 6 months and he’s only worked TWO matches. And how many appearances? A handful of RAW’s to build those matches. He is definitely not worth 5 million. Jericho’s willing to work a shitload of dates, even house shows too, and willing to help train people? Come on, give Jericho what he wants. He’s fucking earned the right. The guy has more than paid his dues and always does what’s asked of him. WWE needs to fuck off with their control issues.

    Jericho’s a veteran and a hell of a hand to have around. I think what he’s asking is more than ok for WWE to give it to him. Keep losing guys WWE because you want to be selfish pricks. That’s why your company has nobody left. All your main eventers are either gone, retired, or wrestle once or twice a year. You’re stuck with Cena and Orton because you refused to have them put new guys over, and instead feed everyone to them. So WWE has themselves to blame. Oh boo hoo, we have no new stars. YOU guys are the ones who failed to make any. Sorry for the long-winded rant. Bottom line, Jericho deserves what he’s asking for. And Brock isn’t worth the money he’s getting… at all!

  • CM Mark

    Sounds to me like Jericho was really trying to make it work. I hope they can come to some agreement in the future.

  • Shay R.

    He let the wwe universe down. 😀

  • go to tna cause i always wanted to see a AJ STYLES VS CHRIS JERICHO MATCH

  • adam

    WWE should agree with it not only do you get a HUGE draw on some of those days but you also have jericho helping to train younger wrestlers. I mean you have someone who trained in the dungeon training your young wrestlers it will only improve things. I get were jericho is coming from he wants freedom to tour with his band. Which i saw them at uproar this year they are pretty cool live. WWE just wants to control everything and they need to figure out they cant. Its the same as what happened with kelly getting fired because she did a photo shoot they didnt like.

  • TheSheepDog

    wwe need to live and let live. allow talent to further themselves and return when needs be. hell if they are paying brock stupid amount for nothing, show Jericho some respect and have him when he is allowed. He is not requiring 5 million to show up!!


    to me sounds like jericho had a good idea i mean that could work n besides the man is a legend in this business he has earned evrything hes gotten this is a case of WWE wanting to control ppl lives but they gotta realize they cant do dat