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WWE Asking Fans for “YESing” Photos, Update on Buff Bagwell’s Accident, Matt Hardy

– As noted before, former WCW star Buff Bagwell was reportedly in a car accident and is now in intensive care. The official Twitter page of Universal Championship Wrestling, which Buff works for, posted the following today:

“Marcus ‘Buff’ Bagwell involved in a serious wreck and is ICU! Our prayers go out to him and his family. Please RT #GetWellBuff”

Bagwell’s former partner Scott Norton wrote the following update:

“Update on Marcus. He’s going to be ok but keep him in your prayers for fast recovery”

Speaking of UCW, Matt Hardy wrote that their show for this weekend was canceled and he isn’t happy about it:

“Just been informed, 2 days before, that the UCW event in Hiram, GA won’t be happening this Fri as it’s been CANCELED. Not happy about this.”

– WWE is attempting to turn “YESing” into the next phenomenon similar to “Tebowing.” They are asking fans to take photos of themselves doing the “YES!” pose like Daniel Bryan and tweet them with the hashtag #YESing. WWE will share the photos on their website.

  • SusyRko

    They will give D. Bryan a new intro song that says: Everyday I’m YESing” and made D. Bryan dance with that.

  • voice of reason

    @philly655 it is an unfortunate thing 🙁

    @ reverse price albert i am not going to comment there.

  • philly655

    @ voice of reason. Unfortunately he can still post 🙁
    it just gets removed a bit later.

  • Jason L

    @ Little Jimmy

    Best post in this thread.

  • Little Jimmy

    You would of thought DBryan is on viagra the number of times he says “YES YES YES!”

  • Buttercastle

    How about “NOing”?

  • Reverse prince albert

    @voice of reason. maybe you should assume things. does it look like he is banned? i think not

  • voice of reason

    @ kamala’s leg i thought you were banned

  • voice of reason

    get well soon marcus & i hope you can make a wwe return someday

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Get Well Fast Buff Daddy Bagwell !!!

  • Bad Man Bigelow

    Weren’t they against the “YES!” chants a couple weeks ago?

  • kamala’s leg

    Everyone should start to LEGing. All you do is just lay limp and act like a leg.

  • RothKeahi

    Funny how they edit the Yes! chants out of Smackdown just to promote it elsewhere.

  • Gorilla

    Yes was not liked by vince but now that it got over he’s walking around saying it was another one of his grand visions

  • Jimbo

    Time for the Internet to troll WWE. Flood them with Cena and Orton losing for “YESing” pictures.