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WWE Hosts Blame WCW For “Ruining Everything”, WWE Returning To Tennessee

— In this week’s Are You Serious? webisode, Road Dogg and Josh Mathews explain how WCW “ruined everything.” Their proclamation includes ninjas (Glacier), classical music (The Maestro), sharks (John Tenta portraying a shark character) and even titles (David Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship). Also mocked is a WCW vignette featuring Raven as a spoiled rich kid with hardcore wrestling icon The Sandman appearing as his preppy neighbor Jim at his childhood home’s pool.


— WWE will hold a SmackDown live event on July 28 at Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale May 19.

— Jim Ross was rattled by a Twitter follower writing “stick to wrestling old man” after he posted multiple messages on the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto boxing match Saturday night: “How about a little respect? Didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders or are you a keyboard punk?”

  • Reverse prince albert

    @ poko… Who is still in buisness?:D
    WCW is dead because it was dogshit on WWE shoes… Nuff said

  • voice of reason

    yes unfortunately billy you can request them i don’t know why.

  • Billy Zane

    @ voice of reason, you know you can request clips they look at?

  • voice of reason

    the wwe battled with wcw for years with the monday night war & when the wwe acquired wcw & ecw the wwe became a monopoly with wrestling & whats the best way to show that they have won but to hang shit on wcw by having a show pointing out wcw’s most embarassing moments yet they kind of overlook all of the good stuff the wcw did, how about they place a few wwf – wwe clips into this show i’m pretty sure the wwe has some pretty embarassing skeletons in their closet.

  • Jon-Jon

    Lol I love “Are You Serious?” Nah man, I’m not booked..

  • thomas

    in the last few years WWE has went down hill should I say to the bottom very poor company. I have watched this company since 1982 very displeased

  • poko

    Please, the WWE has done things just as awful.

  • Robinson

    I could imagine that j.r. Would know alot about alot of sports.

  • MW

    “Keyboard Punk”

    That’s a new one I might continue to use…

  • SYM

    Uhh #AreYouSerious?