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WWE Has “Hot Lesbian Action” Attack Video Removed, Update On Ezekiel Jackson

– The Connecticut Democratic Party continues to attack Linda McMahon with racy WWE footage that occurred while she reigned as the sports-entertainment organization’s CEO.

After releasing an attack video Monday showcasing clips of Edge and Lita’s “Live Sex Celebration” and Triple H dressed as Kane simulating mock sex with a mannequin in a casket, the party posted a video of the infamous “Hot Lesbian Action” segment that occurred on Raw ten years ago. The video, which was posted on, was quickly removed due to a third-party notification by WWE claiming copyright infringement.

Eric Bischoff, the then-figurehead of Raw, announced on September 9, 2002 the introduction of an exciting and revolutionary new segment—“H.L.A.” Roughly an hour later, Bischoff returned and introduced two women—Looney Lane and Savvy from the California-based independent promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling. They were given no names—the on-screen graphic simply identified them as “The Lesbians.” The two young ladies proceeded to kiss each other deeply and strip down to their undergarments in front of the audience. Bischoff them summoned the enforcer tandem Three Minute Warning, who proceeded to assault the two young women into unconsciousness.

– Ezekiel Jackson, who has not appeared in a WWE ring in over two months, tweeted an update regarding his whereabouts Wednesday. The one-time Intercontinental Champion suggested he has been sidelined with an injury.

“Met with Doc. here in beautiful Birmingham Alabama… I’m on the right track, healing well and can begin training… #myjourneycontinues,” he wrote.

  • JOE

    ^^^^^^ lol what’s a fuck nugget???

  • cc

    @confuzzled. What the fuck are you on about? I just said that these voters fall for their shit because they dont want to believe their chosen party is bad, then you go and tell me I am wrong and that people fall for their shit because then dont want to believe their party is bad.
    You really need to get some reading comprehension you fuck nugget.

  • Jimbo

    LOL @ Vince’s batshit insane ideas coming back to haunt him.

  • Buttercastle

    These government type people must not watch a lot of tv if they think what WWE has shown in the past is bad. They like to think that what they did 10 years ago still reflects what the product is now. They hear one negative thing and stretch it so it becomes bigger than all the good things. That’s why politics are one of those things I just don’t give a damn about, no matter who’s in charge nothing changes.

  • marc

    lol WWE did not go PG because of Linda’s political endeavors. WWE went PG simply because kids bring in the big bucks. Some of the largest franchises in our country have a children’s demographic. Not only does controversy create cash but the kids create cash.

  • confuzzled

    cc you may indeed be a buttnut. if they have a chosen party then it ain’t gonna matter who or what is running. Dead people have won elections because people don’t wanna change their views.
    same as if you saw someone you hate eating an ice cream that ain’t gonna stop you eating ice cream. no go get me some ice cream!!!! i forgot what my point was and… oh yeah ICE CREAM!
    also i like your thumbs down

  • cc

    Arnie should never have been allowed to be California governor because he was a robot that came back from the future and murdered people.
    Thats sarcasm by the way.

    Jesus, these politicians dont seem to be able to tell reality from fiction. WWE is an entertainment show and bears no resemblance to reality (which is why people on here need to stop crying about bullying on WWE shows when they promote be a star).
    They will try to cling to anything to try and dirty their opponents, and sadly too many of the voting public fall for this shit as they all seem to think their chosen party is whiter than white.

  • nick-hulk

    Zeke with Sandow or PTP on return. sandow could use a heavy to watch his bk to save him dealing with the unwashed.


    PTP could expand in to a Stable like what All World Promotions should have been. Add JTG and have a Natural Born Thrillers thing happening, one main tean one lower team, jockying for position, interchanging partners and alk the time controling the Tag Division

  • Little Jimmy

    It’s not like Linda share’s Vince’s “G’s Up Ho’s Down” values.

  • Joe John

    Lol @ people who still think WWE went PG because of Linda.

  • killerbee

    Come Vince; well there goes the straight male and maybe the lesbian vote

  • Baz

    I wish they’d remove the PG era

  • fivogoeswest


    Why? Hopefully it works and cause of all those ads she’ll lose then we can get WWE back to normal again and Stop worrying about all this pc crap.

  • Bill

    Linda needs to freaking say that what happens in WWE has nothing to do with her political views so this blocking bullshit stops.

  • Justin sane

    …until I read this I didn’t notice he was gone

  • voice of reason

    when ezekial jackson returns i wouldnt mind seeing him team up with sandow.