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WWE Network Launching with WrestleMania?, Vickie Comments on AJ as GM

– Vickie Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter about AJ Lee as RAW General Manager:

“Feelings about @Aj? Her reign in office will be short lived…no experience, maturity, and support….she will learn she needs to grow up”

– It sounds like WWE won’t be launching their Network until 2013 sometime. The latest launch date that we heard before now was November but sources close to the situation expect it to be pushed back several more months. It’s possible WWE may tie the launch in with the WrestleMania 29 festivities.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer was interviewed by a newspaper in Stamford this week about the Network. Meltzer says the paper was under the impression that the Network won’t launch until next year. They didn’t know for sure and were planning on reaching out to WWE for comment before the interview is published.

With that said, WWE continues to work on digitizing their library for the Network and they are still hiring new employees for the Network.

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  • cenaWWE

    all the network is is the XFL all over again just w/ more money to be lost!

  • Wellsy

    Personally, I think with all the set backs, this WWE Network is gonna end up being a flop. They just don’t seem to have planned it very well at all.

  • Shawn O B

    I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!! heads start to explode

  • King

    oh shut the fuck up vicki u fat ass ugly buck tooth bitch..go the fuck home fucking sick of u in WWE..this bitch should have been gone a long time ago. like enough is enough already

  • SYM

    Wasn’t the Network suppose to Launch with this years Mania? I wouldn’t hold my breath on it Launching at Next Years WrestleMania.

  • nick

    I love the idea of a network i am a wrestler, and i would keep it on the network all day. It will be great for studying, and entertainment.

  • Nick Kidd

    I dont like this network thing…

  • keylo

    Middleton you fooltrying checking out the site once in a while as the Aj story is already posted since YESTERDAY moron