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More WWE Network show cancellations and superstar releases to come?

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When Edge and Christian’s Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness was canceled a lot of people had a problem with it. For one, the show was amazing but moreover than that, it was just another offering on the WWE Network that was going away.

Bryan Alvarez recently noted on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live that this might not be the only WWE Network show cancellation on the way because it seems like one of many.

“We know that there have been — I know people that have appeared on some of these [WWE Network] shows and they’re not doing it for free. They’re flown out, they’re paid — these things cost money. And even though it’s WWE running a WWE Network with WWE stars they’re just like real television. If there is nobody watching a show or the viewership is not great the show can get canceled. It seems weird, but it’s what happened. I mean [Talking Smack] got canceled, Renee Young’s show got canceled. If you look at the, we talked to Chris Harrington yesterday — if you look at the WWE financials, a lot of shows have been canceled and that’s why the WWE Network went from losing millions of dollars last quarter to becoming profitable — pretty profitable actually here in this quarter.”

Alvarez also went on to speculate that upon analyzing WWE’s financial numbers he concludes there might even be some roster cuts coming soon as well.

“So yeah, that’s why [I think there will be cuts to WWE’s roster], yeah I do. I don’t know for sure, but I do because¬†WWE is cutting costs in a lot of different areas to try to bring up the profitability of the company So they cut shows on the network and made more money. There’s probably a lot of talent that they’re not using that may end up I don’t know — going to New Japan, who knows where they’ll end up going.”

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  • Symbiote_X

    In Canada we can only subscribe through our cable provider & most times it Total Bellas or Divas.I enjoyed talking smack & the E & C show.