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WWE Network will air Starrcade as one hour special

WWE’s next Starrcade live event will take place on November 24th in Cincinnati Ohio. Currently, seven matches have been advertised, with more to be expected before the event takes place, along with a special Elias concert featuring Ric Flair.

Last year, we only got a glimpse into Starrcade, with Goldust returning to his original WCW gimmick, “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes. Starrcade returned in 2017 to the city where it originated, Greensboro, North Carolina, all the way back in 1983. While there, Dustin Rhodes took on Dash Wilder while paying homage to WCW and his father Dusty Rhodes.

However, this year we’ll be able to see a bit more of the event. In fact, we’ll be treated to a one hour special from Starrcade which will air the day after the live event takes place.

So if you aren’t able to make the event this year, you’ll be able to watch the highlights on Sunday, November 25th on the WWE Network.

  • Good Grief

    WTH. I posted something a few hours back and
    now it’s gone. It wasn’t marked as having to be okayed, it posted
    straight away, didn’t contain swearing, links, nothing. And now it’s

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  • CC

    7 matches announced and more to be added, but all it gets is a 1hr highlights show.
    Those matches are barely gonna be worth watching as they will either be cut to hell or only a couple of mins each.

  • Great Googily Moogily!