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Ember Moon discusses her current Raw run

The Shenom is one of Monday Night Raw’s best female competitors, even though she may not be at the top of the ladder where she expected. Ember Moon has caught the attention of the WWE Universe with her captivating entrance, unique look, and impressive Eclipse finishing maneuver.

Recently a guest on the Sky Sports Lock Up podcast, Moon discussed her spot on the main roster, and how she initially thought she was getting fired before getting called up to Raw.

I’m still getting there and still looking for that highest high. When I got moved to Raw, I felt there was still a lot for me to do on NXT. It was a very overwhelming surprise when I got drafted. Triple H told me after my match at TakeOver how well I’d done…and I thought I was about to get fired, but I got sent to Raw.

It felt like I was starting all over. Every opportunity I’ve earned I’ve taken advantage of. So is there a rush? Yes there is, but it’s hard to grab everything at once and it’s about being patient and seizing the right opportunity. I have to be laid back and on the watchful side of things, but I’m always there whenever I need to be.

Ember Moon is currently a part of the undefeated Monster Eclipse team on Mixed Match Challenge, hoping to earn the #30 spot in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.