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WWE Rejects Christopher Daniels, TNA Misspells RVD’s Name On T-Shirt

— Christopher Daniels was originally scheduled to return to TNA Wrestling as the Suicide character, but plans were ultimately changed. He reached out to WWE during his hiatus from the Nashville based organization, but failed to secure a contract. The feeling within WWE was that he is too small, not to mention old as he is 40. He has continued to appear for Ring of Honor while also working for TNA Wrestling.

— TNA Wrestling posted an image on their shop website today of an Rob Van Dam T-shirt with “RDV” written at the bottom of the shirt as opposed to “RVD”.

The image was quickly deleted and replaced by the intended one.

— Inc Ink. vs. Douglas Williams and Magnus is the featured match on this week’s episode of TNA Xplosion.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • theviewtvshow

    tna retards can have cena it wont help you, your in too much trouble now to be saved, tna management needs retarda anonymous

  • Gary

    Daniels DESERVES a title shot but probbly wont get one as hogan/bischoff/russo) loves Big names over skills.

  • rko

    The best f’n moonsault ever. The only reason the fallen angel did not get a contract was because despite his age, he was not a big name. It wouldn’t have mattered if he was 45. If DDP could be world champ at nearly 50 why couldn’t CD make a run for the tna title? He should have gotten it a long time ago.

  • venom

    Who cares about Daniels??? Not only the TNA wrestlers are pot heads, but also the t-shirt makers.

  • Treg

    Daniels deserves better. Too bad he’s at a point in his career that he’s considered too old. He’ll probably go the way of Jerry Lynn at this point.

  • Sean

    im calling it right now eric biscoff is part of the network and he is going to turn on immortal in the near fututre.

  • Gary

    ^^^^ not all pot heads are stupid 😉

  • jushin liger

    @ truthiness,
    I noticed that as soon as i read it and i almost did a spittake on my laptop lol.It must have been a sloooow day for news so Mr. daniel pena went out back and smoked a fatty with Marc middleton and they just started making shiz up out of boredom.Unfortunatley they got waaay to bombed and forgot to check their own spelling.(hopefully that was the true story because them just being stupid and not double checking their work would be kinda lame.) lol

  • Gary

    but, your failing to metion why you say he is over rated, and Yes, Daniels is in top 50 and top 100, but thats MY LIST, but mine tends to bar alil away from Mic skills….But thats your IMO just i will agree to disagree…

  • Steve

    So to those who don’t think Daniels is overrated, where would you rank him on a list of the Top Wrestlers of All Time? Or even the Best Wrestlers of All Time? Does he crack your top 10? 20? 50? 100? That’s what I thought. But, you talk to some people, and they act like he’s the best ever. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a solid in ring performer, but I stand by my statement of him being “overrated” (as so many Indy stars tend to be).

  • Logan

    Damn Christopher Daniels is overrated? LMAO THAT THE CRAZIEST BULLSHIT I’VE READ ALL WEEK.

  • Devil_Rising

    Daniels is not “too small” nor is he “overrated”. They have Danielson, Bourne, and Mysterio, and now Sin Cara as evidence of the small part being nonsense. Yeah, WWE pushes huge guys, but they also still use smaller wrestlers.

    It’s more likely that they would have wanted to give him some ridiculous name, and also that, at 40, they probably figure his heyday is behind him.

  • Gary

    Daniels Is bette rin ring and on mic performer then HALF of WWE…. WWE needs to get over the steriod look…

  • Satan

    @Steve you can’t be serious

  • no they didn’t make a mistake this is russos latest idea to introduce RVD’s evil twin who is out to ruin robs good name by attacking mr anderson in the rafters and hating on sting! think about it you know it makes sense since only a heel would sneak attack a face and disrespect a legend!

  • Truthiness

    In the same post where you make a useless note about TNA misprinting something you post the line “Inc Ink.” Good job making yourselves look like idiots and douches at the same time.

  • JOE

    @theview and cena’s not??? ha!!

  • theviewtvshow

    i’m glad chris is back in tna too, i dont have to see him and he is too shit for wwe

  • dlb

    i’m glad daniels is back in tna. he might actually be used to his full potential there. i’d rather watch guys who are “too small” and can wrestler than big guys who use only a few moves any day of the week.

  • Steve

    That’s both funny and sad for Christopher Daniels. Of course, it all makes sense that he’s back in TNA. They love old guys who are too small and overrated. Maybe that can be TNA’s new re-branded slogan! “Too old? Too small? Mediocre? No problem!”