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Aksana, Evan Bourne, Brodus Clay and More Released, Details Behind Some Decisions has announced the release of 10 talents, effective today June 12:

Jinder Mahal
Drew McIntyre
Brodus Clay
Evan Bourne
Yoshi Tatsu
Curt Hawkins
Teddy Long
Marc Harris (referee)

Here are some notes on why certain talents were released:

* Yoshi Tatsu has “really regressed” in the ring according to WWE. They tried to find another role for him, including working as an NXT ring announcer.

* Teddy Long’s contract had expired, he had been off TV for some time and many knew he was going to leave.

* Brodus Clay was the victim of the company simply stop caring about him. This is why they have done nothing with him following his breakup with Tensai and their tag-team. His final appearance for the company was a loss to NXT Champion Adrian Neville, which was perhaps indicative of the fact there was no plan for him going forward.

* Evan Bourne was said to be the victim of bad timing, having not wrestled in a long time, being injured in a car accident and already out of action on a Wellness suspension.

* The biggest surprises in terms of releases were said to be Curt Hawkins and Camacho. Hawkins was considered a “good hand” in the ring and had several years left on his deal, even if he was only used as an enhancement talent. Camacho was popular in NXT given his charisma and ability on the mic in recent appearances.

The feeling backstage is that more releases will be coming.

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  • Everybody has a difference in opinion, it;s human nature. 😀 Being respectful in disagreeing however isn’t human nature for many sadly.

  • TheTruthHasSetMeFree

    It’s because all the other matches sucked, and his ring skill isn’t good in my opinion. He needs a way more diverse moveset if they are going to try to keep this Role model Cena character in the picture. It’s just time for a change immediately in Cena’s Career, he isn’t going anywhere and he is so stale it hurts the product reception.
    Oh and thanks for not being disrespectful with your comments that counter mine. Most people on here don’t understand the word Respect, but thanks bro.

  • Putting talent over – Creative/Vince/HHH decision – not his.
    Interesting Storylines – Creative teams decision – not his.
    Interest factor with character – Uh, I’d say the mixed reactions in the crowd for the last several years provides exactly that.
    Ring Skill – Best match of Payback was him vs Bray Wyatt – which includes John Cena.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    that just made my day

  • Jmister28

    Wow sound like there are some Cena haters.

  • TheTruthHasSetMeFree

    And its Bullshit, he is the main one that needs to go

  • Miguel Villarruel

    Aksana: NOOOOO! She’s hot! F**k. I hate you, Vince!
    Jinder Mahal: Well, I wasn’t expecting that one.
    Drew McIntyre: THE CHOSEN ONE? Man, he’s cool. Such a shame.
    Brodus Clay: He could be a great heel. One that Supe Cena (that little bitch!) would destroy at the end of the road, anyways.
    Evan Bourne: He’s great. Man, that sucks.
    Yoshi Tatsu: Great, too. He was never given the chance to shine.
    Curt Hawkins: Meh.
    Teddy Long: Finally…
    Camacho: Meh…
    Marc Harris (referee): Who?

  • Steve Lewis

    Cena will NEVER get fired or released. And you can bet on that.

  • TheTruthHasSetMeFree

    We can only pray. I mean come on now, the people they released are better than Cena. Cena isn’t good in the ring, his mic skills sucks, he has nothing to offer except a shovel to bury people with. He is played out and so predictable. I’m praying so hard that Cena gets Released. Fire Cena and the ratings will go up.

  • rick

    Cena has been release too, whishful thinking

  • andrew

    jtg is gone as well

  • CC

    Wasnt we told on this site a few days ago that WWE wasnt going to be doing anymore releases like this as they get to much negative press from it, and instead were just going to let contracts expire. Thats a lot of people whose contracts expire on the same day.

  • BolieveInBO

    I’m going to miss Aksana. Just look at that pic of her. She’s a knockout. Maybe she’ll literally be a knockout if TNA signs her.

  • Let’s see…
    Aksana- TNA Knockouts champion
    Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre- TNA Tag Team champions
    Yoshi Tatsu- TNA X Division champion
    Brodus Clay- TNA World Champion
    Teddy Long- TNA General Manager
    Camacho- member of next Mexican stable they are gonna introduce
    Curt Hawkins- New member of Team MVP
    Evan Bourne- New member of Team Dixie
    Marc Harris- New TNA referee.
    Alright, everything’s set!

  • ROB-1.

    Yes, I remember when he first came on he said Vince picked him to be a big star. Now the star shines no more.

  • Jason Lentini

    Looks like Heath Slater is going to be a one man band again. Ironic as 3MB just recently stated that after all this with the Shield & Evolution that 3MB is still together.

  • Timothy Davis

    Its official

    Drew McIntyre
    Jinder Mahal

  • D2K

    Drew McIntyre release surprises me a little bit.

  • jedi

    maybe after knocking Nevils teeth out they werent to happy but they could have used that to build him into that intense heel he could have been.

  • corijei

    Brodus Clay had so much potential to become a top heel. If pushed right, he could have been the next Vader.

  • Sccrstr3

    Aksana, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre have also been said to be released

  • jedi

    Teddy Long – signed to legends contract shortly think he was still contracted as on screen preformer
    Brodus Clay – big surprise
    Evan Bourne – surprised only because hes recovering from injury (almost 2 years now)
    Tatsu, Hawkings & Camacho – no big surprise

    I herd Aksana was released also, if so im sure it is because of the knee drop of doom that messed up the Mania women’s title match.

  • Dustin

    Oh, I remember them.