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WWE Releases Another Superstar

– WWE announced the following on their website today:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Charlie Haas as of today, February 28, 2010. We wish Charlie Haas the best in all future endeavors.

Add Haas to the list of Maria, Hurricane Helms, Paul Burchill and referee Scott Armstrong of those that have been released by WWE this week.

  • Cristian

    How about KANE. Why has the WWE treated him like crap. He has done alot for the company and still doesnt get the title opurtunities(i think thats how you spell it) he deserves. He was only World Champion once and for one day. that is very sad. and another thing is that they dont even utilize him as the monster they portrayed him to be. they use more as a jobber for the new guys or as an appetizer for someone who is about to face the undertaker in an upcoming PPV.

    just my opinion. but yeah its sad

  • Proud WWE Fan

    damkat on Sun, 28th Feb 2010 4:03 PM

    why does everyone assume TNA wants every wrestler WWE fires. Haas is useless. He has never gotten over with the fans and never will. He just does not the “IT” factor. He may be a great wrestler but that is only one aspect of a total package you need. He does not have the charisma or the mic skills to be anything more than a mid-carder.


  • Valo487

    Plus a LOT of the guys that are “Top Stars” are far from the total package themselves.

    Batista: Limited, in every sense of the word. Not bad mind you, but not awesome in any of the areas that are supposed to matter so much.

    Cena: Hard worker, charismatic, popular, but also prone to staleness, both from an over-reliance on the same story in almost every match (beat down till Cena can overcome the odds yet again.) When the top guy in the WWE according to them gets cheers but also audible boos at the same time, he’s not firing on all cylinders. I know you can’t please everyone, but if it was just the insignificant internet community that doesn’t like Cena which is so often the claim, I doubt you’d be able to hear them on Raw.

    Orton: Will never be a good promo. He can speak well in the sense that he gets the story across but I doubt anyone will ever search youtube for classic Orton promos.

    Triple H: Has slowed down a lot due to injuries, and his promos tend to be very long-winded. Less is more.

    Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I want to point out these criticisms are based only on what I see on TV, and aren’t related to their various backstage shortcomings. I went with these four because it’s clear WWE cares more about RAW than Smackdown, and even though Batista is on Smackdown he’s not been there much lately. Some of those I named are also examples of a lesser trend in WWE these days, such as hot-shotting a guy once he starts to catch on so much that they become overexposed and have trouble sustaining what makes them work. It seems like guys who become a World Champion these days create one of two reactions, either “What? Already?” or “What took them so long?”

  • Devil_Rising

    Well gee thanks “noneofyourbussiness”.

    What is that anyway, “Bussiness”? The state of being a bus?

    But I totally appreciate your educated and intellectual insight into my own personal observations.

    It’s good to see modern wrestling fans who

    A) Don’t know jack about pro wrestling history


    B) Swallow every bit of BS that WWE or TNA feed them, such as wrestlers needing to be a “total package” to be a big star, or have a loud character like the Miz with a ton of “charisma”. Fact is, wrestling FANS make or break a wrestler. Even if a wrestler has “poor” mic skills, or low “charisma”, but they’re a great wrestler, if the FANS love them, then they’re a star. Unless of course, someone like the WWE front office steps in, and decides that even though the fans like something or someone, that THEY know what the fans should really get (like Cena or Hogan). THAT is the nature of the wrestling business. Charlie Haas didn’t really ever get a chance to develop a real “character” in the first place, because he barely ever got used as a singles star, BUT, he didn’t need a ridiculous gimmick, because they should have just went with the fact that he’s an amazing wrestler. Kinda like someone ELSE far more recent I forgot to mention: Brock Lesnar. They guy had ZERO of what you’d call “charisma”, and the first time he finally spoke on camera, his whiny little voice actually DESTROYED my perception of him as a bad ass. BUT, unlike guys like Cena, Lashley, or Batista, while Lesnar was a selfish chump (not unlike Warrior back in the day), he WAS still actually a GREAT wrestler. And he was way over, originally, guess what, BECAUSE OF HIS WRESTLING. Not mic skills or “charisma”.

    So maybe it’s you who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Fans are going to like who they like, whether they fit the BS WWE “mold” or not. Some of them get pushed because the fans like them. Some don’t. Thank Vince McMahon.

    Have a nice day, and thank you for being so intellegent and polite.

  • Valo487

    Wow, because noneofyoubussiness says it it must be true. Learn to spell business before you tell anyone they don’t know what they’re talking about you pissant.

    Anyway, I can see from WWE’s point of view why they’d do this, they haven’t been using him so it makes sense in that regard, although I think they could have always reunited him with Shelton and reformed the WGTT, but they probably didn’t want to do that because they were associated with Kurt Angle and they want us to forget he existed. Ah well, if he ends up in TNA with Kurt that could be interesting.

    Honestly I think the bigger story here is how WWE has released three relatively young guys when they claim to be trying to make new top stars. I’m not saying these were the guys to use in that role but it’s telling that when these releases come it’s always younger talent who have a good portion of their career in front of them who are still able to improve their skills, both in the ring and out. It’s a shame that it really seems like the only way to be safe is to be good friends with a top guy who will vouch for you, or someone they’re grooming to be a top guy.

    WWE, you can’t make new stars because you aren’t trying. You control the stories and the outcomes of the matches. If someone’s not getting over, they either just don’t have it at all, or it’s something you’re doing wrong. Very little in between.

  • damkat

    why do people think they need to prove a point by calling people with opinions they don’t like names. It is childish and uncalled for. If you have a point to make, then make it with some thought behind it instead of insults.

  • noneofyourbussiness

    devil risong you are a stupid @sshole most those wrestlers you named are from twenty or thirty years ago wrestling was way different then and you didnt need toi be the total package to be a star but now you do you idiot

  • damkat

    @ devil rising
    Although I agree some of the former wrestlers did not have great mic skills and did not have a ton of charisma, the fact is that was back when wrestling was more about the wrestling and less about the “storyline”. WWE is not looking for great wrestlers, they are looking for great entertainers. As sad as this is that is why Charlie did not get a good run, he just could not keep the fans entertained which is sad because I do think he is a good wrestler.

  • DJ Loch

    @Devil Rising

    100% agree with everything you said and eveyone you mentioned…except Tazz. I have followed Taz since the early stages of the original ECW when he was Tazmanic and he cut some brilliant stuff on the mic during the original ECW. He was ruthless during promos and it helped get over his “FTW” gimmick.

  • Allen

    That was a waste of a raise lol Charlie Hass had his moments in WWE though. Team Angle, Worlds greatest tag team, Hass and Rico, then his little run where he copied people’s gimmick. Oh well maybe TNA will pick him up but with all the wrestlers they have over there now I’m sure he’d probably get buried like he did now.

  • Devil_Rising

    I really don’t get why some of you people talk about “Zero Charisma”, or mic talent, etc. etc….as if EVERY star has to be that.

    Not every wrestling star has to be LOUD and over the top. As if there aren’t room for quite, reserved, or “serious” characters as well. I guess that goes for Shelton Benjamin too then, eh? Maybe they should just release him as well, since I keep hearing that they allegedly don’t like HIS mic work either.

    You think every single wrestling star in history had a “ton of charisma”, or was a Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan on the mic? You think Lou Thesz was a real loud character? Or Stu Hart? Or Bruno Samartino? Or Bob Backlund? Ricky Steamboat? Bret Hart? Chris Benoit? Lance Storm? Tazz? Bryan Danielson? Etc. etc. etc.

    Quite frankly, while they are two of the biggest stars in wrestling history, and deserve respect for that, if Hogan or Flair HADN’T had over the top characters, or HADN’T been entertaining on the mic or could give a great promo… many fans do you think would have cared about them? A lot less, I’d be willing to wager. Yet the other guys I mentioned above, all attained some major level of success, most of them HUGE stars in fact, WITHOUT great mic skills, and WITHOUT loud, over the top, “Charismatic” characters.

    So enough already. Charlie Haas is a bad ass wrestler, a VERY good talent. WWE’s lack of ever doing anything serious with him as a singles star, is their fault. Not his. You can’t take advantage of opportunities you don’t get. And getting stuck mimicking other wrestling gimmicks, is NOT an opportunity.

  • baddog_1_2k

    that bites I really like charlie. Didn’t he just get a raise so they wouldn’t release him.

  • jay

    Damkat who hasnt tna picked up from wwe at one point or another

  • Steve

    RE: Daniel Schein

    Finaly wont get released because hes an agent backstage stage which is his main job

  • Chris

    Thats quite funny seeing as I was just at his alma mater yesterday.

  • Xavier

    Daniel, if im not mistaken i think i heard Tiffany is Drew McEntyres fiancee, hes one of HHH favorites, shes probably safe as long as hes around…

  • Daniel Schein

    Here is my list of talent that might have reason to worry right now-

    Kung Fu Naki- Someone who’s probably been on this list for several years. I hear he has friends in the company with influence but then again Val Venis had friends to so obviously it’s time in his case seeing as he’s no Val.

    Tony Atlas- Really no purpose in keeping him around except doing the guy a favor.

    Mike Knox- I’ve really enjoyed his work and know him from his early indie days in the Cali/AZ area but sadly he’s turned into the monster jobber so I suspect his days may be numbered.

    Rosa Mendez- I’ve missed Superstars in recent weeks but it appears she may not have made the jump from ECW with Ryder.

    Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J- I hope not as they really have had some show stealing matches on Superstars and work well together but anytime your that low on the WWE Totem pole you have to worry.

    Tyler Reks- I’m not totally convinced it was the only reason he was let go but if you believe Hurricane was cut because of the cab incident well Tyler had the plane debacle…..however he has been working dark matches as a hell as well as teaming with fellow development star Johnny Curtis so hopefully he will be safe. I see star potential in Reks. He’s unique.

    Abraham Washington- Supposedly he’s training in FCW to wrestle now but his gimmick would be dead in the water on RAW and eat up too much time on Smackdown so he has to be in danger with budget cuts.

    Finlay- He’s lost a step in the past year. I think his in ring career in WWE may be winding down at 50 years old. As sad as this sounds I think losing Hornswoggle cost him his spot. He’s probably safe but then again if these are serious budget cuts he might have reason for concern as he makes much more than anybody else on this list.

    Lance Cade- it’s not the first time he’s spent months at home just collecting a WWE check but we’ll see.

    Katie Lea- I hope to god not since she’s one of the last true talented Women’s wrestlers on the roster but she is someone likely to go as the suits don’t seem to recognize her skills.

    Tiffany- I think she’s probably fine as she has the prototypical look WWE goes for but being the non wrestling GM of the defunct ECW means she will either be let go or totally re packaged.

  • Mass onkey

    I did like a few of his gimmicks on Raw last year. Haas Hogan…hehehe Hart, Pyper, all hilarious!

  • damkat

    why does everyone assume TNA wants every wrestler WWE fires. Haas is useless. He has never gotten over with the fans and never will. He just does not the “IT” factor. He may be a great wrestler but that is only one aspect of a total package you need. He does not have the charisma or the mic skills to be anything more than a mid-carder.

  • Daniel Schein

    Actually yes I read a report that he actually requested his release since he’s pretty much not been used at all. Then the article said WWE gave him a raise so he decided to stay. I heard the reason was that Hogan had a spot in TNA for Haas and they didn’t want him jumping.

    Charlie is an amazing in ring talent who was just never properly utilized in WWE. Of the list of fired talent I have no issues seeing Haas, Burchill, and Helms in TNA……Maria however I hope they just say no to since it would be bad morale for the Knockouts since she’s not a good worker and would obviously be making way more then any female star on the roster.

  • Vampi

    It’s a freakin’ shame. WWE doesn’t knows how to use the best talent they have.

    Haas i better than 3/4 of the guys wwe have. He could be a great US champ…

  • Sym

    He will be a big star in TNA!

  • marcus

    I thought he was released in 2008 or so…ha…oh well, Haas is a good wrestler but with ZERO CHARISMA !!! you will not be missed haas, it’s the truth… =)

  • Hindred

    Didn’t they just give him a raise a few months ago?

  • bklockmiller

    this is a good release, they did not do much at all with Charlie Haas since signing him back.