WWE SmackDown Live Results – Feb. 27th

WWE SmackDown Live Results
February 27th, 2010 – Tyler, Texas
Report by Kyle Davis, PWInsider



We made it to the Oil Palace, which is an experience in itself. Tyler, Texas certainly loves their ‘rasslin. We all went to get tickets, the cheap stuff of course. $15 was what I was set on, getting one for me and a friend of mine. Turns out there was a massive fee and tax this time, and it ended up being $47 total. Ridiculous!

The crowd was huge, I’d say 6,000 easily and the kids were into everything!!

Quick results:

*R-Truth defeated Dolph Ziggler in a pretty good match.

*Great Khali (sans little Runjin Singh) defeated Mike Knox.

*Luke Gallows w/Serena defeated Goldust. After the match the Hart Dynasty attacked Goldust which lead to…

*Cryme Tyme defeated Hart Dynasty.

*Kane vs. Drew McEntire ended in a double count out.

*Ezekiel Jackson defeated Matt Hardy.

*Mickie James and Savannah defeated Beth Phoenix and Layla.

*John Morrison and Edge defeated Chris Jericho and CM Punk

Main event notes: John Morrison mentioned on Twitter it was his first ever live event main event. He and Jericho did not mesh well at all, everything seemed off when they were in the ring. CM Punk is awesome in his new role. Line of the night, in the middle of a great promo he says “I am the greatest man alive!!!” Classic. Jericho’s endorsement of the Straight Edge Society was cool too. Edge later got on the mic and insulted both men, including an accusation of CM Punk having a small tool in his trunks. That was never proven. Note that Edge and Jericho were NEVER in the ring together. After the match Edge did a Smackdown-type promo, mentioning it would only take one more spear to win the championship, and he then coached the crowd to chant spear as the night came to a close.

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