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WWE Reports Kane is Injured and Out of Action for Three Months

– WWE announced this morning that Mark Henry injured Kane on last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. WWE is saying that Kane will be out of action for at least three months. As far as we know, this is all part of a storyline as Big Show also went down with an injury at the hands of Henry. Here’s what WWE wrote:

“Similar to what he did to Big Show at Money in the Bank, Mark Henry brutalized Kane’s leg using a steel chair on the July 22 edition of SmackDown. The attack occurred just moments after Orton defeated Kane in a brutal Street Fight.

According to WWE doctor Michael Sampson, Kane suffered a fractured fibula, which will keep him out of the ring for at least three months. “But because of potential complications with such a severe injury, it could also keep him out of action for an undetermined amount of time,” Sampson said.”

  • kane i say just one thing back in mask destroy the undertaker

  • Buddy

    so let me get this straight – i put a comment on here about the angle, and it’s “blacklisted”, yet “the proud idiot” can be a blatant internet racist, and it’s not blocked? nice.

  • TheProudRepublican

    Fuck the “World’s Fattest Nigger”. WWE should just fire that overgrown gorilla already.

  • me

    yeah sheamus is deffinantly becoming a face, also i’ll miss kane, the guy doesn’t get the respect he deserves for being his age + having as bad knees as he has these days considering the torture his legs have been through over the years, he works really hard, and doesn’t get nearly the respect he deserves, i hope he’s ok and is just taking a break.

  • rick

    Judging by the recent Smackdown it looks like the face turn has already begun.

  • Statch

    Mark Henry will surely be going for the IC Championship and taking out big Zeke.

  • Tony

    Triple H should end the brand extension.. smackdown needs help

  • mark

    bizarre storyline???

  • keylo

    Anyone reckon we might see a Sheamus face turn soon ? big and can wrestle a fair bit

  • RUSTanator

    henry needs a title run

  • jim


  • CC

    @Graham. I was starting to think that this whole exorcising his humanity may end up with a return of the mask as well. It would make a lot of sense for him to go back to the mask if he is trying to recapture his old monster self.

  • venom

    Maybe Henry will take out Khali next. Then Henry will probably face Orton at Survior Series, then Orton will win, then Henry will be back to jobbing.

  • Graham

    I think Undertaker is gone until mania, but kane, hmm maybe 3-4 months out, come back, new gimmick mask, run for a 1 year and retire. Makes sense to me.

    Theres no doubt the mask will come back at some point just like takers darkside gimmick

  • Joe

    I don’t really care what Mark Henry did after the match, all I know is Orton vs Kane was by far the best non-pay-per-view match of the year.

  • JAck45

    @jeff, get chrome then adblocker, i never even notice adds on here lol

  • Jeff

    These loud ads are really starting to be a problem.

  • Joel

    I think the storyline will expand and include other wrestlers. If Big Show and Kane are injured, they won’t hold the feud for three months. So, they’ll use whatever monster sized wrestlers they have to take on Henry. Henry will be “unstoppable” for a while, and then someone will kick his ass in a match and they’ll feud. Big Show and Kane aren’t feuding with him anymore.

  • Dystre Fjell

    Maybe he’s entering a semi-retirement, like Taker.
    He’s been wrestling for a long time, top-rope clotheslines and all, he deserves a break.

    This pushes Henry as a monster heel and gives time off to Kane to comeback stronger and destroy Henry.

  • venom

    Enjoy your summer vacation Kane.