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WWE Sends Out a Special Thank You Message from Vince McMahon

– As we prepare for the 1,000th episode of RAW, WWE sent out a special thank-you message from Vince McMahon this morning. Here’s what The Chairman had to say:

“I would like to personally thank you and the entire WWE Universe for your never-ending support as WWE achieves TV history with its record-breaking 1,000th edition of Monday Night RAW. In celebration of this historic night, we invite you to join us this Monday for a monumental three-hour event. Once again, we thank you for making RAW the success it has become and we look forward to creating another 1,000 episodes.”

  • JWaller91

    When I was a kid I adored wrestling. I was about the same age as most of the kids who love it now. When I was young, I convinced my dad to watch with me on Mondays. Almost every Monday I heard this… I miss wrestling when I was your age.

  • Angry Benny

    I’ve been a fan for what feels like forever, but one thing is true, wrestling has changed, as a kid we watched the greatest wrestlers and you people should be happy for that, I mean look back at toys, cards, bubble gum with superstars on it, ice cream, if you could recall this awesome time then you know what real wrestling and what a great ride i was, but now we have a bunch of bitter old wrestling fans that can’t enjoy wwe anymore, why not? I feel its not the best programming, and maybe I watch because I’ve been watching since it started, but that doesn’t mean that the kids don’t get that same feeling you got as kids, I mean I had the wrestling buddies, the plastic bendable action figures, the hulk hogan workout wieghts, but how is that different than a kid having a Cena action figure or Mysterio Mask? its a different time, I feel that wrestling isn’t the same, but music, style, culture changes, so does wrestling, not ideal, but you have to grow with it

  • Tombstone

    Simple fact is that everyone knows what it is now, So the whole hoping they change, or the I watch out of habit is a butt load of crap. Fact is that in the iwc it is considered the in thing to find all the faults and tell everyone how you are so much smarter than the man who brought wrestling main stream, and how much better you could make. Fact, if you watch it you do it because you like it. Maybe not as much as you once did (myself fits here also) but you still enjoy it.

  • dpaquin

    Same here @paul e. I couldn’t have said it better. My kids have always been into it and we go to live events but I took em to 1 just a month or 2 ago and I totally felt I wasted my $ because they almost couldn’t care less,
    That said, I will still tune in Monday in hopes to see SCSA and the return of the entire DX crew sans Chyna of course

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    I have been a WWE fan for 20 years now, but I just can’t get into it anymore. I remember that “omg the wrestling is on i have to watch it” feeling when I was a kid, but I simply have no desire to watch WWE anymore. I stopped caring about WWE around 2002, after the Attitude era ended and they changed from the WWF, but I still watched out of habit, but I stopped watching completely about a year ago. I don’t really hate WWE (even tho they often do some stupid things), I just feel apathy. There’s no wrestlers now that appeal to me, which is a shame, because I want my daughter to be excited about wrestling like I was when I was a kid, but I don’t even know, at this rate, if WWE will even be around in ten years.

  • john

    and vince should of added ” And bear with us whilst we think of a way of getting out the PG era ” lol

  • WCW vs nWo

    Thanks Vince for ruining wrestling with your ego!!

    Watch an episode of RAW from 98-00 then watch a current one and you will end up like Brendan(Will Farrel) on step brothers asking yourself WHAT THE F HAPPENED!

  • Bawb

    And thank you, Vince, from us, the WWE fans, for making RAW the failure it has become.

  • Steve

    I’ve been watching wrestling on Monday nights for almost 20 years, but these days it’s out of habit more than anything.

  • Greatest one

    Not gonna lie. The only episodes I watch are the ones with the rock (guilty of having a man crush but not embarrassed). that said, I will be watching Monday, wish I could be there, bound to be a great show.

  • voice of reason

    i watch mainly to see if i can reclaim that “oh my god the wrestling is on” excitement of my childhood but now all i get is the “meh” feeling about the wwe i just feel that vince & the higher ups have too many fingers in too many pies and they are totally forgetting what they are in business for

    plus this whole pg era thing “hey guys it’s a show where people get paid to beat the shit out of people” you might as well have the ufc fighters give out lollipops after a rendition of “i love you, you love me were a part of the ufc family” with barney the fricken dinosaur.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously


    I sure as hell don’t watch it. Haven’t watched in over a year, and haven’t ordered a ppv since wrestlemania XXVI

  • SYM

    Its not that we watch it because we don’t like it. We watch because we knew what it once was and we try to bring those days back. Not to mention WWE has Talented Young Stars (Ziggler, Rhodes, etc.) and WWE is the only show where the Fans have control over who’s Champion. Not directly but think about it If we never gave CM Punk a reaction do you think he’s be champion?

  • purcey

    Dont like it? Dont watch it. But i bet you do.


  • Jimbo

    Thank you for putting up with stupid shit like Hornswoggle, watching Big Show still compete even though he should have retired 5 years ago, and thank you for putting up with me trying to shove every big guy who can’t wrestle down your throats on a consistent basis.