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WWE Star on Cake Boss, Triple H Comments on John Cena, Josh Matthews

– Josh Matthews has been working closely with Michael Cole on his WWE announcing duties and with the more exposure he’s gotten recently, his “stock” has risen within the company.

– WWE Superstar Santino Marella will be appearing on TLC’s Cake Boss reality TV show next Monday, March 22nd at 9pm EST with a midnight replay. Marella will be promoting WrestleMania 27 and will be ordering a Road to WrestleMania cake.

– Seth Barkley sent the following:

“I haven’t seen this anywhere but during Triple H’s appearance on Opie and Anthony last week, they talked about people not wanting to see John Cena in the main event of every RAW and pay-per-view event. Triple H agreed with them and said it’s a discussion WWE officials have all the time but they never make the change because they are concerned for ratings.”

Partial source: PWInsider

  • bill sucks

    @ theview guy, Yeah! cena rules! never give up, champs! xCxExNxAx!

  • theviewtvshow

    you cocksuckers should go fluff cena some more

  • theviewtvshow

    you cocksuckers should go fluffer cena some more

  • Eelmac

    I don’t mind some of the pushes they are going with right know. But my question is, what ever happened to the ladder system? Some of the best matches we’ve seen at wrestlemania have been intercontinental matches. They have guys in this system that could easily compete for the belts (inter. and us). Drew, cody, Ted, etc. In order the make thief big champions worth something they need to work themselves up. A good example would be shameus, he is a great character, however if he had a long inter. riband then a big run he would be better off in the long run. Just my two cents.

  • Bill

    @Poidrac Miz could be a face in a few years, kinda like the Rock. They were both world champ as heels. Once the Rock developed his status as a main eventer, he turned face. I think Miz could do the same.

  • peep it

    Thats the problem with the current product. They too afraid (money) to have cena loose. And they cant seem to get a good story line going. I pretty much stopped watching it but would keep up via the net. Rock left, stone cold left and to me the great stroy lines went out the window. Hell ill even give Vince his props for his parts in the past. Now, the show is more geared to young kids. Fine, if thats what you want your product to be. But the majority of use who grew up on it, it as not so much a PG show. Its nice to see the Rock back to remind of of how things use to be. Even when Austin makes a cameo says about 1 sentence. Thats all he needs to say. Guys like this are the true stars of this generation. Is Cena, well Im not 6 years old, so his whatever he is doing has no appeal to me. But hey he does his job, shows up for work and does not bitch. So do I fault the guy. I just cant stand what they have turned him into. But from the looks of the last few shows they are relaxing the PG to more pg-13.
    It is what it is and we can watch, bitch and its goona be the same shit.

  • Poidrac

    If you look at it another way… how many high-end name faces do WWE have that can carry being the face the company.

    You’ll find it’s a very short list. And it won’t be easy just to throw anyone there either.

    HHH and Undertaker are on their way out in the next couple of years.
    CM Punk is a possibility, but his best work is as a heel.
    Miz… no.
    Randy Orton? possible as well, but his character makes it hard.
    Edge is on his way out soon as well.
    Christen has the recognition of the fans, but not the support of the backstage staff.
    Sheamus, he’s a heel for a reason. The American public just love berating the outsiders from Britain.
    There are a number of others, but they all have more downpoints than up.

    It will take a lot of effort for anyone established in the company right now to be used in that spot instead of Cena. They would need to start from stratch, and that will take a good couple of years at the very least.

  • A Rock Fan

    @Jacob I couldn’t agree more. From the end of 99-2005 triple H was always in the main, main story line, or title hunt. That last boot to the face from Shameus must have scrambled his memory

  • john cena is the greatest human being off all time

    @Me you are a meanie. john cena is really cool

  • Me

    I agree with HHH.

  • john cena is the greatest human being off all time

    tiple h is mean for what he said about my hero, John cena

  • Jacob

    LOL @ Triple H critizing someone else for hogging up the spotlight. Apparently someone forgot about 2002-2005(HHH’s reign of terror)

  • misfit del rio

    but you can’t blme cena for the booking. That’s all the producers and bookers problem not his. He’s just doing his job.

  • CC

    @Misfit del rio. So what are people supposed to do who want to see the likes of CM Punk or The Miz? Are they just supposed to miss the wrestlers they do like just because they know that annoying cunt is going to fail to put anyone over?
    This weeks Raw was the closest he has ever come to making The Miz look a viable threat, yet he will probably make him look weak as fuck at WM.

    By your logic, people should deprive themselves of the things they do like, just because one factor doesnt appeal to them.

    As for the Josh Mathews story. Mathews has been head and shoulders above Cole since the day he started announcing, so I have no idea what people think he can learn from that monkey faced fool who spends more time trying to put himself over rather than talk about whats going on in the ring (and he has been doing that for years, not just since his heel turn)

  • misfit del rio

    Yet like fucking trained monkeys, you whinny ass idiots still tune in and watch, no wonder he always has the highest ratings, accept it he’s the facce of wresting for the next couple of years.

  • Bill

    So at least Triple H knows a thing or 2 about good wrestling.

  • sukru

    yeah its fukking bullshit cena beats everyone en wins titles so manny times en easy i mean wwe got soft really

    only thing i tell is tna isnt better then wwe but at least they
    have chang in champions en matches

    not always hhh orton cena
    fuck that boring shit it is getting to feak these days to feak for a feak sport



    When I see Cena talking or in a match I change the channel and then turn it back hoping to see him taking a beat down. thats the best part of him.

  • Jimbo

    It’s what the little kids want, because it’s the little kids that spend their parents money on merchandise.

  • adam

    ok so he doesn’t want it most of managment doesnt want it but they still do it because they think its what everyone else wants. Rock actually got it right on his promo monday night its what the little kids want not everyone.