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WWE Teasing Update on Chris Jericho, News on Laurinaitis’ Big Announcement

– After he was knocked out of tonight’s WWE Title Elimination Chamber match, WWE’s website is promising an update on Chris Jericho to come. They wrote:

“The WWE Universe is buzzing about what Jericho has to say regarding his departure at the hands of The Straight Edge Superstar. Although he was unable to comment earlier, is attempting to locate him in Milwaukee’s Bradley Center tonight to get his thoughts on the Raw Elimination Chamber Match and CM Punk.”

– In case you missed it, John Laurinaitis’ announcement at Elimination Chamber was the returns of Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and Christian, as noted by WWE’s website in a new article. The three Superstars returned to show their support of Laurinaitis as permanent General Manager of RAW and SmackDown.

WWE is teasing that we may find out if Laurinaitis will get the job of permanent General Manager during tomorrow night’s RAW Supershow.

  • wwe

    Who cares about Chris Jericho really he is a HBK knockoff with a Justin Bieber haircut who if along with Christian who is boring as hell to watch would make WM28 a whole lot better if they both no showed and went back to Canada

  • grizz

    Laurinaitis SUCKS! I hope WWE is not stupid enough to make him General manager, if so I will no longer watch WWE.

  • Nicholas

    I think Teddy Long is going to be the Gm of Raw and Smackdown. Watch him come out with 4 guys leading to a match at Wrestlmania. To me Teddy Long has earn the right to be the Gm of both shows.

  • shawn

    im not little jimmmm..jimmy, im BIG JOHNNY.

  • christina

    They make him General Manager, the WWE Universe will RIOT!!!!!!

  • dashing1

    Yeah Jericho is a bigger sellout than the Rock that’s why he came back for 2 years his last run and the Rock is back for one match. Really just because these guys want to do things outside wrestling does not make them a sellout. They earned the right to come as they please when they accomplished more than most current wrestlers ever will. As long as they can still perform at a high level and people do pay to see them. Should just be motivation for the young guys to rise to that level.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Jericho’s angle is likely to be a rematch since he was never properly eliminated. I doubt it will be for him to take time off, especially so close to Wrestlemania.

    As for Laurinaitis I think it will be team Laurinaitis vs team Long or HHH for rights as GM. (well hopefully, it doesn’t sound like a bad angle)

  • trick29

    I think there’s going to be a team Laurinaitis vs team HHH for the GM spot…

  • fivo goes west

    Either way I say to hell with jeriblow. Hopefully not too many people will be stupid enough to buy whatever crappy stupid thing he’s trying to sell next. Boycott jeriblow. He should never be near any ring ever. He just uses wrestling and its fans to make a quick buck. He’s a bigger sellout than the rock. jeriblow sucks lama nuts hard.

  • poko

    It’s probably so he can get time off to tour with Fozzy, then return for WM claiming that he was cheated out of his shot at the EC. Wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, it’s clearly a “I deserve a rematch” angle.

  • xXx

    hope this’s not their angle for y2j’s exit..