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WWE Working on a CM Punk DVD, News on The Iron Sheik’s Health, More

– As noted before, WWE is now selling a “Future Endeavors” t-shirt for John Laurinaitis. Former WWE Diva Cherry wrote the following on Twitter regarding the new gear: “I have 2 say that t new “Future Endeavor” tshirt is pretty hurtful for me at least! A lot of dreams were crushed w that statement. Not cool”

– WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik pulled out of weekend appearances due to some health issues. Sheik told a St. Louis radio station that he is having problems with his ankle and his knee.

– The Chicago Tribune reports that WWE is filming a “straight-to-DVD documentary” on CM Punk, to be released some time in 2012. It sounds like WWE is putting together a DVD set on Punk as they are likely referring to the documentary portion.

  • venom

    That is stupid tshirt that won’t sell.

  • Devil_Rising

    @CM Mark

    Would you prefer they did another Randy Orton DVD….oh wait.

  • CM Mark

    Ooooooh a Punk dvd, what a suprise. LOL…

  • scsa852k

    @ Devil_Rising

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • I agree with a CM Punk documentary; there probably won’t be too many victories in the match section as a lot of his (previous) better matches ended in losses.

  • Josh

    Agree i really liked bret hart eddie guerrero and chris benoits ascthey showed the people around them in n out of the ring

  • Devil_Rising

    Hopefully Punk’s DVD is in fact a documentary with him talking (out of character) about his life and career. I’d really enjoy that, as opposed to JUST a collection of matches. Personally, when they do DVDs on people, I wish they’d do both. I think the Randy Savage DVD was one of the worst cases, because no only did they not have any kind of retrospective on his life, but the damn set was hosted by Matt Striker and Maria…talk about THE worst combo they could have possibly picked.

  • Albert

    poor Cherry 🙁 i really enjoyed watching her perform.