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WWE’s New Cryptic Video, RAW Dark & Superstars Matches, JR Comments on RAW

– Below is the new cryptic video from tonight’s RAW:

– Tyson Kidd beat Damien Sandow in the dark match before tonight’s RAW Supershow in Virginia.

– Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley and Epico & Primo vs. Air Boom in a non-title match was taped tonight for Thursday’s WWE Superstars.

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter regarding RAW:

I apologize 4 the worst segment of tv I’ve ever killed. Had a rap thought, lost it. Won a Slammy!:)

@JerryLawler …. sorry I embarrassed the team. huge brain fart! Cole’s face made me go blank. rap career dead!! #sauceit!

Michael Cole ur damn fool. King beat u like Gov Mule. I should call Raw ur not in my class. U kissed kings feet now u can kiss my ass! Whew.

  • qball

    It will be Obama and MICHELLE. control

  • Soulshroude

    Is it me or did JR come of ass drunk writing that?

  • Nerf Herder

    You’re all a bunch of twits.

    It’s clearly the Godfather and his hoes.

  • arrrrr truth

    even if it isnt Jericho, he will still be back by rumble. hes written in to face punk at mania.

  • L

    There’s not point in arguing… Plain and simple fact is if it’s Jericho… Your gonna mark out like crazy and if it’s taker do exactly the same because everyone is dieing for something fresh other than mark Henry,Randy or ton and cena/del rio

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

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  • MarcTheTalent

    Ur all fools. Its gonna be lesnar. Hes got one fight left under contract with ufc n hes gonna throw it because he wants out.

  • RPM

    seems a lot like Shane but I just don’t see him working for the WWE ever again.

  • nick

    break the walls downnnnn

  • MrDr3w

    This video made me lean even more towards Undertaker and Michelle McCool. One thing that occured to me when I was watching this was that it takes place in an OLD SCHOOL. What is the name of one of Taker’s signature moves?

    If it’s Taker and McCool, it would be awesome to see McCool repackaged with a dark, Undertaker-like gimmick. 🙂

  • Big T

    I can’t believe anybody actually believes Jericho when he says its not him. That’s what he said the last time too. Even if it is not him, I’m not taking his word for it.

  • Jon
    Remember when Taker biker gimmick started it was to put down the system of Mcmahon and family. And it had kids in the promo as well. I think this promo are far out for Jericho and by tonight by Trips slammy it has to be Taker return. My hope it the American Badass.

  • Prince

    Still believe it’s Jericho. They are just doing all they can to make us think it’s anyone but him.

  • Jon

    Cool mark snow is in TNA

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Al Snow and Head?

  • Jon

    It Undertaker guys. Jericho said it himself that he would be in hawaii this January. But if this video is true i hope he comes back in the American Badass gimmick. It would be awesome to show those promo then hearing rolling by limp bisket.

  • Dwaead

    It’s Sting and Dixie Carter or Brutus Beefcake and Linda Hogan!

  • HR

    C’mon everyone. It’s Jericho. In the video, the girl says “things will never ever be the same again.” That is Y2J no matter how you try to shake it.

  • Bawb

    It’s gotta be those two kids in the video, it’s gotta be.

  • Bastion Booger

    Its gotta be Kharma

  • Ryan P

    it’s chyna and whoever wasted their money

  • MWDynomite

    Fosho it’s Mike Knox and the girl is Kelly Kelly

  • Albert


  • Tina

    This video made me think its a girl, just because they seemed to focus on the girl a lot. Or at least a superstar that’s going to answer to a girl. Makes me wonder if its Steph and HHH.

  • MaNic

    heres comes the money ….here comes the money

  • Tyler

    Oh by the way Joe W Shane quit working with WWE in January 2011 and Chris Jericho once was the greatest wrestler in the world but now cm punk is and one more thing Shane likes money not darkness and evil

  • Hbk fan

    It’s Stephanie and the kliq

  • Joe W

    Control? Sounds less like Jericho and more like Shane…