Adam Rose says Vince McMahon was almost his Rosebud Bunny

Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to talk about his time with the company. Here are some of the highlights:



On who would play the Bunny:

“We were in a meeting for two hours before Raw, saying ‘Who is going to be The Bunny?’ and they couldn’t decide. I wanted [Justin] Gabriel to do it, [because] he was my friend from when I was 15 and he was 16, his Dad trained me and we’ve known each other our whole lives. ‘Let him do it,’ they were like ‘Well, nobody really knows him anymore and they won’t really get the reaction they want.’ Then there was a suggestion of Vince McMahon do it, and I was like ‘What’s the payoff? I don’t get it’ and they’re like ‘Well, we don’t really know where to go, so why not just have crazy billionaire just do it?'”

On Braun Strowman being a Rosebud:

“At one point he was my Rosebud General, [because] he used to control the others and I still remember one day [he said] ‘Everyone, listen up! This is about Mr. Rose, this is not about you!’…I still remember, being in ‘Gorilla’ and Vince McMahon seeing him in his Rosebud outfit and looking at [Triple H] like, ‘What are you doing to us?'”

On retiring from wrestling this year:

“I feel like it’s time to move onto other things. I don’t want to be one of those guys that’s hanging on, and hanging on, and hanging on. It’s done. It’s had its life, it’s over with and it was fun while it lasted, and it’s now time to move onto other things. Ya know, I’ve got a wife and I’ve got two kids and I got other business interests. I can’t justify being there half foot in and half foot out.”

(quotes via Wrestling Inc.)

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