AEW Star Leaks Big Name Quitting For WWE?

AEW is one competitor to WWE and while some say that it would be a tough one to the wrestling juggernaut, it looks like that may not be the case. The internal disputes may be the reason for the company going out of business.



Ex-WWE star Andrade got interviewed by Mas Lucha where he was asked about the backstage altercation following the AEW All Out Media Scrum.

While we have no input on what was Idolo’s response to the situation, we know for a fact that he discussed about his issues with another superstar. This other superstar is Sammy Guevara.

Sammy complained about Idolo hitting him hard, and to this Idolo clarified that he thinks this is a business where people settle their differences between the ropes. He talked about how Sammy complained to him backstage about getting hit hard by the ex-WWE superstar.

Andrade said that in WWE Sheamus likes to hit hard, as does The Miz, but none of the competitors start complaining about how they were treated. It’s a professional business where you would get hit hard. He said:

But I did have one issue with a wrestler. I am going to say his name, it was Sammy Guevara. I had an issue with him because he once came to the locker room and complained that we hit him too hard. It’s wrestling, solve it in the ring. If I hit hard, hit me hard too. I learned that he came in and that he accused me like a little girl. After I learned about it, I spoke to him and asked if he had an issue with me, but he said he did not and that’s all there was to it.

It’s funny because not even in WWE. For example, Sheamus likes to hit, and all my respect for him because he loves to hit hard and loves the strikes. He is wild. Even The Miz likes to throw strikes. Not even John Cena complained about me, so if he did not complain, imagine this kid who is just starting, but there’s that.

This reminds us of the famous CM Punk line,’This is professional wrestling, this ain’t Ballet.’ Sammy took offence to this situation and tweeted his response. He said:

YOU didnt say sh*t to me you liar but heres some truth you ungrateful prick You would be jobless if it wasn’t for your dad in law. Are you really mad at me or mad at yourself for failing to get over for a SECOND time. Just go back to Wwe like we all know you want to do & f*ck off

It looks like their animosity towards each other is beyond television programming. While this is a part of the business, it reminds us of the famous Teddy Long catchprase, ‘Hold on a minute playa.’

The two can settle their differences between the ropes and provides the fans with some entertainment. The Spanish God can meet The Mexican superstar and prove that he is the better man both on Twitter and in the ring.

Do you think that is a good idea? Sound off in the comments.

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