AEW ‘Steal’ Big Attitude Era Name From WWE

Billy Gunn wrestled on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night, and he used ‘Gunn’ as his last name for the first time in awhile, as it appears AEW will try to use his last name again after what appeared to be a WWE legal issue. Triple H Was Caught ‘Lying’ About AEW Dynamite.



In previous matches, he was just called Billy, or addressed as ‘Billy and Austin Gunn’ when teaming with his son. It’s unclear if this could be part of the deal for Chris Jericho to appear on the Broken Skull Sessions.

WWE veteran star Goldberg recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump for WrestleMania 37 earlier this month. He had reflected on how was his experience of wrestling with no WWE fans in the attendance. He further spoke on how well the WWE roster has dealt with the difficult scenario.

Goldberg speaks on his experience

Goldberg had battled a couple of matches which were both title bouts amid the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Goldberg ‘Two Matches’ On Smackdown Leak?

During the interview, Goldberg explained how “strange” it was to perform without a crowd for the first time at WrestleMania 36. He also said that it was very ‘hard’ to go do the job without the fans.

He said:

“The only analogy I could give you is the back when WCW used to wrestle down in Orlando, that’s the atmosphere that it felt like without the people. So to say that erie is a good way of describing it, you know that’s close. It was even worse than that, it was extremely strange. It was hard to go out and do our job, even though, you know, we love it so much it’s just really hard to. It’s hard to not have the people to feed off of whether it’s part of your gig or not, you know, whether you’re a heel, whether you’re a babyface, whether you interact with the crowd. Just not having them there, it’s a huge detriment to what we try to do.”


However, he then lauded the roster and said the talented group of people has pulled off a great job amid the difficult times all across the world.

He added:

“But on the other hand, you look at the staple of who we have and you look at what’s going on right now with trying to tape delay with the weather delay. You’ve got no better group of people to do what we have to do right now than the list of the roster that we have right now. Talking about thinking on your feet and talking about, you know, changing this scenario because of what’s going on, these people are extremely talented. So as far as I look at it, we got more free television.”

Goldberg had recently returned on Raw Legends Night edition and challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship bout in a losing effort.



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