AEW Top Female Star Quits At Dynamite?

AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa’s husband has denied Brad Shepherd and Ringside News’ report that Rosa requested her release from AEW.



CM Punk and Ace Steel had a real fight with The Elite backstage, and Bobby Fish even challenged Punk to a real fight. Could Punk return to the fight game, but this time as a boxer like the great Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr may very well be one of the greatest fighters of all time. In fact, it’s hard to argue that stance. The boxing legend went at it with an amazing career being undefeated in his matches as he slowly went into retirement. One matchup that everyone thought would be an issue for him was Canelo Alvarez.

Floyd defeated Canelo in the fight, but the drama from the fight has not yet stopped as Canelo now says that if it were a different time frame, that he would, in fact, defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fans have been standing by this sentiment as well (glancing over the comments) as they feel the same way. Surely, there is some bias there, but what they are saying is true in their eyes.

Canelo had stated about the fight between the two as he brought it to the current Canelo that we see today: “Simply, it was down to experience. If I compare that Canelo with Canelo today, they are completely different. It’d be a completely different fight now. I’ve always said that perhaps if I’d won that night, everything would have come my way.”

While he surely seems confident in himself, he did ensure to keep it humble as he stated that maybe the timing just wasn’t right for him at that moment. Things could have gone so much differently for the star if he had won, but not everything could have been a blessing either for him.

Alvarez continued onward as he closed his statements by saying: “Fame, money and perhaps it wouldn’t have worked out well then. I could’ve perhaps gone crazy. It wasn’t my moment. That’s how I take it, it wasn’t my moment. It took me a few days for me to accept it.” A champion heart to say the least.

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