AEW Top Star Calls Hulk Hogan ‘Lying Racist’

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has been often found in controversy for years, ever since those career-wrecking quotes where Hulk Hogan said that he’s racist while dropping the N-Bomb many times. Years later, discussions are still had about his heat, and each appearance of The Hulkster is met with mixed reaction.



MJF found himself in the care of Dr. Beau Hightower as he prepared for AEW Full Gear. During this time, a straightforward question was posed to him. The question was, “Why do you think Hogan [Hulk Hogan] takes so much heat in the wrestling community?” MJF used this as a chance to take a big shot at Hulk Hogan.

MJF has consistently acknowledged that he remains a scumbag, but one who is embraced as “our scumbag.” He then said that Chris Benoit was a great pro wrestler, as he was one of the best on the planet before the circumstances surrounding his tragic death, but Hulk Hogan is a “liar and a racist.”

“Because he’s a liar and a racist. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a massive draw and the professional wrestling business will never be the same because of him, for the better, but there are plenty of professional wrestlers that did great business, it doesn’t mean they’re great people. Chris Benoit is a great professional wrestler, it doesn’t mean he’s a good person. For some reason, wrestling fans kind of struggle with that. They can’t separate the two, which is why I think people love me. I’m out and out a horrible person, and I’m honest about it. At least I’m honest about it.”

MJF will wrestle twice at AEW Full Gear, once as the ROH Tag Team Champion and another to defend his AEW World Title against Jay White.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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