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Alexa Bliss ”100% Cleared” For Return

Alexa Bliss had suffered back to back concussions and so had to be pulled from in-ring competition. But now it seems she might be returning soon enough, which is a great thing.

On Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry revealed that he had recently spoken to Alexa Bliss. During then, he came to know how bad her condition was, but that she was ”100% cleared” for an in-ring return. He said that though he has talked to a lot of people, he was only able to have a real ‘come to Jesus’ moment with Alexa Bliss.

Henry goes on to say that Alexa Bliss had severe memory problems. She did not remember what she was doing in the city, and when she was flying from London to Switzerland she had to rely on everyone else and still does not remember which flight she was on. She had vertigo and could not stand up straight.

After all this, Alexa came back too soon, suffered another head injury and was really in a bad place. Now, however, she has finally been cleared 100%. Henry wanted to tell Alexa to never go back too soon and to remember who she is. He told her not to worry about all the other wrestlers like Ronda and Nia doing their thing and just to remember that she was a major player.

Henry was told by Bliss that though there is no fixed date for her return, she is ”100%” cleared for a return. So it could be very soon. But it does post a question as to what will happen to her role as an authority figure on RAW.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Sounds good

  • CC

    As it stands, with all the focus on Rousey, Jax, Tamina, Natalya & Riott Squad, they might as well leave Bliss in the role she is in. She can take a little more time to recuperate and as she has been at the PC recently, a little more time to shake off the ring rust and brush up on her technique.
    Bring her back now and she will get lost in the mix while all this feud is going on between all of those women.

    I mean, look at how terrible the angle has been with Sasha and Bayley because they are secondary to that feud.