Amanda Nunes Wife Exposes Julianna Pena Lies

Nina Nunes, the wife of Amanda Nunes recently spoke about the “mom champ” controversy that involves Amanda Nunes and Julianna Peña. A comment made via social media by Nina Nunes this week supports Amanda’s claim that not giving birth to her child shouldn’t take away her status as the first “mom champ” of the UFC.



The issue raised after a comment from Peña, who after capturing the UFC bantamweight championship earlier this month,  said at the UFC 269 post-fight press conference that she gave birth to her child. She claimed that makes her the first actual “mom champ” instead of Amanda Nunes.

Nina Nunes opens up on the matter

Nina Nunes recently commented on the matter and she wanted the world to know that Amanda not giving birth to her child doesn’t take away her status as a mother. She also shared an account about how Amanda helped her during the childbirth process when they welcomed their first child in 2020:

“Not many know this, but I had a HORRIBLE delivery. I lost a lot of blood and went into shock. Amanda [Nunes] took care of Raegan and I for the first week of her life and everyday after,” she said in a recent Instagram post. “She is her MOM and a Champion. Any [woman] out there who play the role of a mother, in any form, is a MOM. Thank you for being the best MOM Raegan could have.”


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The controversial remark from Peña has caused a controversy in recent days. Amanda Nunes commented on the claim earlier this week, sharing a similar sentiment to what Nina Nunes said in her post:

“I may not have birthed my Daughter. If I wanted to I could have,” Nunes said. “I chose to watch from the outside. After going through the IVF procedure with Nina. It was truly heartbreaking to see many women break down in the waiting room knowing they would never be able to carry their own and have to take another direction. This doesn’t not make these women any less of a MOM than Nina or I. As a MOM champion as well, I feel this needed to be said, [Julianna Peña].”

It was after the UFC 269 press conference, Peña clarified her remarks in an interview that she wanted to reflect on how the pregnancy caused “massive changes” to her body and that she didn’t mean to take anything away from Nunes when stating this.

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