Andrade Reveals WWE Girlfriend In Photo

Andrade has strongly hinted that he is either back together or still with Charlotte Flair in a new photo, after rumors they broke up.



It was recently revealed how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was furious after seeing the wig that Imposter Kane, portrayed by ex-WWE star Luke Gallows(now Doc Gallows), wore on live television. It was also revealed that Vince made an offer to star’s wife.

Vince McMahon was angry with a silly mistake

Gallows’ main roster debut came in 2006 when he appeared as Imposter Kane, wearing the WWE legend’s old ring gear and attacking him. The storyline, though, didn’t last long as the real Kane removed the imposter’s mask and sent him packing.

In a recent appearance at a wrestling panel at Steel City Con, Kane revealed how Gallows’ wig to portray Imposter Kane was terrible and Vince “went ballistic”. He said McMahon thought it made a bad impression on the real character, which is why the storyline was nixed.

“They didn’t switch the wig and there he is on live TV with this frizzy hair and Vince went ballistic. Not at him, but at the fact that the thing looked silly and that was actually why that whole thing was ditched was because Vince thought it made such a terrible first impression and actually made Kane, my character look bad because here you have this person — you got this guy with bad hair beating me up basically,” Kane said.

The Hall of Famer stated that he had told John Laurinaitis that the wig should not be a part of Imposter Kane’s outfit but lauded the rest of the gear. But, the wig remained for Imposter Kane’s debut and the short-lived duration of that gimmick.

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