Arnold Schwarzenegger Bank Payments To Mistress Leak

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a legendary actor in the action genre. He is also a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner. Overall, the bodybuilder won every challenge that was presented to him. However, he dealt with turmoil in his personal life. His marriage fell apart after he acknowledged having fathered the family housekeeper’s son. In 2011, when Arnold’s affair with Mildred Baena came to the limelight, it took the world by storm.



Mildred worked as a house help for the Schwarzenegger family for nearly 20 years. She finally retired from her job when the affair came out to open. Maria started becoming suspicious as Arnold’s love child with Mildred grew. The identity of Joseph often addressed as ‘Arnold’s look-alike,’ was kept under the cover for 13 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger financially helped Joseph

It has once during an interview, ‘Terminator’ actor told reporter Leslie Stahl how he helped Joseph financially from a distance.

Arnold stated:

“It just appeared to me there was something off that he started looking like me. So that’s when I kind of got it. It was never discussed. But, I mean, I put the things together here.”

He felt responsible for his son with Mildred. He added:

“I felt like that I should take on the responsibility of taking care of him and her. And so I started taking care of Joseph financially.”

Arnold and Joseph Baena’ share a good bond. The father and son duo have since worked hard to strengthen their relationship and become close. Meanwhile, they frequently team up, work in the gym, cycle, and lift weights.

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