Audio of Dana White Talking About Rampage, Future UFC TV Plans and More

– Dana White was on The DAM Morning Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, and stated that the UFC would be on network TV within a year.



“I guarantee you by Sept. 15 of next year, we will be on network television. I’ll put on probably one (event) a quarter – one that should have been on pay-per-view except we’ll put it on network TV.”

But why does White want to do this? He continued on, saying:

“I’m putting on like 13 pay-per-views per year. That’s more than one a month. I think you have to give back to the fans, and you have to give back free fights.So we do a ton of free fights on Spike TV between [UFC] Fight Nights and some of the big, just out-of-the-blue fights we put on Spike. And now we get a network deal, and we’re doing four big fights a year that should have been on pay-per-view, but you get for free? That’s how I grew up. That’s how I became a big boxing fan. My uncles used to watch all the fights on ABC’s ‘Wide World of Sports,’ and I used to watch it with them, and I became a huge boxing fan. That’s my model. That’s what I’m going to build now here today.”

White also commented on Quinton Jackson’s decision to do the A-Team film which you can hear in the below audio clip:

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