Awesome Kong Heading To FCW, Notes From Trish Stratus Movie Premiere

— A vignette teasing the arrival of the wrestler formerly known as Awesome Kong aired during tonight’s episode of FCW Wrestling on the Bright House Sports Network in Florida.



The promo was brief and showcased her eyes.

It was reported late last year that she had signed a contract with WWE. The internationally renowned wrestler has not competed since that time.

Bail Enforcers, starring Trish Stratus, premiered yesterday at the Actionfest Film Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. Edge, as well as Tara of TNA Wrestling, were on hand for the festivities. Edge, who resides in Asheville, was trying to be low key and didn’t seem to want attention. Tara, however, seemed to enjoy the attention she received. The theater was about 40% full and consisted of fans of wrestling and action movies. According to an attendee, the storyline isn’t original and some of the acting is wooden, but the action is decent and Stratus presents herself well. The movie is not for children as the dialog is profane.

Following the premiere, Stratus participated in a Q&A session with the cast and director. She was asked if she garnered heat within WWE for participating in a movie not affiliated with the organization. Status said no, and that WWE had agreed to promote the film.


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