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Backstage details on the Club’s WWE contract

6 months ago WWE seemed to be the prime destination for any wrestler but with the apparent rise of a new promotion being on the horizon, things have changed drastically.

Now it’s very hard to say which WWE stars, if given a chance, will be staying with the company and which one of them may leave.

Amidst this discussion, Pwinsider has revealed that three top WWE Superstar’s contracts are set to expire in 2019, including AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson.

Out of these three, it’s already known that Styles’ contract will expire next April and according to insider, Gallows and Anderson are bound till next September.

With the rumored new promotion also being a competitor, WWE will want to keep all these stars in the company but with no apparent creative direction for the duo, it’d be interesting to see if they choose to stay or not.