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Backstage News on How Announcers Were Told to Call Goldberg vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletterthe idea the WWE had for the announcers to call the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match-up at Survivor Series was to call the bout as a fight rather than a wrestling match.

Dave Meltzer also reports that WWE officials believe that the WWE fanbase is now familiar enough with the UFC to be familiar with mixed martial arts (MMA) and how it works, and wouldn’t feel as ripped off for the quick finish as those happen all the time in fighting.

  • Rajah

    WWE must have forgotten about Diesel Vs Bob Backlund, Kane Vs Chavo Guerrero and Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan. We’ve seen quick title wins before, nothing new.

    Fight? Push, push, spear, spear, jackhammer, win.

  • Solid

    I disagree. They put Goldberg over in the same manner that WCW did in his short matches, he came off looking strong (though I can understand why people might not like it after Lesnar beat the streak etc..) and it gives them an opportunity for them to do a 3rd match down the line (probably Wrestlemania) when Goldberg is healthy and able to work a longer match which = more money for McMahon and Co. which is exactly why they did it, as it’s all about the money to Vince in the long run unless they’re haemorrhaging money Vince couldn’t give a damn about what the fans want really.

  • MrDr3w

    I could’ve sworn the above article said it was portrayed as a “fight,” not a “match.”

  • ROB-1.

    It was a wasted match.

  • CC

    Yeah, cause WWE has never ever called a match a “fight” before.
    They have never used the term “street fight”, and never said that there is so much animosity between two opponents that “this is not a wrestling match, its a straight up fight”.
    And at no point ever has WWE had a match that short. They have never ended a match after one single superkick, chokeslam or stunner etc.
    Never needed a knowledge of UFC and MMA in the past, and I think everyone knows what a fight is.