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Backstage news on Jason Jordan & Kurt Angle storyline, future of American Alpha

Kurt Angle with Jason Jordon

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the storyline with Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle is going to be a lengthy one that will play out over the next few months.  Last night on RAW, Kurt Angle finally revealed the secret he has been receiving text messages about for some time now on RAW. Angle came down to the ring and announced that a women he dated in college gave birth to a baby boy. That boy was put up for adoption and grew up to be WWE Superstar Jason Jordan.

Jordan is now set for a solid midcard level push and his relationship with RAW GM Kurt Angle will grow as Angle tries to be a father figure for Jordan. The storyline is set to be a central part of RAW going forward. Chad Gable posted this tweet following last night’s revelation:

It was mentioned last night during a WWE Network interview with Jordan and Angle that Jordan will officially be moving over to the RAW roster. The other half of American Alpha, Chad Gable, is staying on SmackDown and there are no plans for him to join Jordan on RAW. Gable posted the following on Instagram and stated that American Alpha has “done everything doable”:

You and I my friend, we've done everything doable. #readywillingandgable

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  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Thats all true and i never disputed that, i just meant that while Matt was winning the Cruiserweight and tag belts Jeff was treated as the bigger star being given the WWE title, Matt never achieved that

  • jedi

    AA should have had the titles!

  • Sparti Love

    There are only a few teams where breakups resulted in a good singles run, such as Brett Hart, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Scott Steiner but rarely does a team breakup result in both teammates having good singles careers.

    The only two teams I can think of is Hardyz and E+C. I really enjoyed Matt Hardy’s singles run more than Jeff. I never really cared for the Hardy but Mattitude V1 was hilarious and memorable. While Edge became great during his Rated R run, Christian had an awesome singles run in TNA.

  • CC

    Matt Hardy won both the cruiserweight title (in a brilliantly hilarious angle), the tag team title with MVP (which I include as an individual acomplishment due to it being part of a feud with MVP) and won the ECW title. Jeff won the WWE title.
    While Matt may not have reached the heights that Jeff did as far as title importance, he certainly achieved a lot as a single competitor,

    The VaudeVillains were not split up and one was released. The reason they split was because of Gotch being released, and prior to that they were doing absolutely nothing as a tag team as WWE had grown bored with them.

    Enzo and Cass? They only just split and as of yet, neither has had a match. Yes Cass is most likely to get the push, but so far neither has benefited or lost anything significant in their momentum.

    Rowan and Harper is a weird one. First time they split it was Rowan getting the push that flopped.
    Second time it was Harper, and that flopped. So both had a push and both went nowhere. Sadly, even when they were a tag team, they were overshadowed by Bray and then Strowman as well, so even as a tag team they never really shone.

    Dont get me wrong though, I fully agree with you that the penchant WWE has for splitting tag teams is a joke. Its those thrown together tag teams that seem to end up benefitting for some reason. I mean, Cesaro and Sheamus was fun when it started out, similar to Hardy/MVP but then it got dull real quick and all you could see is that WWE has no idea how to use them (mostly Cesaro) as solo stars.

  • The Hardys didn’t achieve success individually? What about Jeff Hardy’s WWE Championship run?

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I never understood WWEs fasination with breaking up tag teams, i mean 90% of the time they seem to do better together anyway. The second they get broken up one usually gets the “flavour of the month” type push before they get bored and forget and the other poor soul gets jobbed out & or released. Case and point:

    Crime Time
    The VaudVillains
    The Wyatts (Rowan & Harper)
    Hawkins & Ryder (Ryders only just come back, but neither have been the same)