Backstage News on R-Truth’s Heel Turn, Zack Ryder Addresses Reports, More

– WWE Superstar Zack Ryder is back with episode 10 of his “Z! True Long Island Story.” In this video, he addresses the news of WWE confiscating signs for him at RAW and more. Here it is:



– Whatever happens at the WWE Draft next week won’t take effect until the May 2nd RAW with The Rock. The Draft RAW and the RAW on May 2nd have been re-written several times and will likely be re-written several more times before they actually go live.

– While the R-Truth heel turn and removal from the WWE Title Match at Extreme Rules was designed to get him over and not bury him, there was a feeling that he did not come off as a “dynamic performer” in the Gauntlet match on RAW two weeks ago to earn the title shot.

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