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Backstage reaction to Kane beating Finn Balor on Raw

Finn Balor

WWE is full of very questionable decisions but one very interesting one came when Finn Balor lost to Kane in definitive fashion the night after The Demon defeated AJ Styles at TLC.

Dave Meltzer brought this up on Wrestling Observer Radio and said that those he spoke to who usually defend just about every booking decision Vince McMahon makes even had no explanation as to why Finn Balor lost to Kane in such a way.

After three chokeslams Finn Balor laid down for a clean pinfall from Kane.

Meltzer questioned how WWE has such a deep roster of talent on Raw who could lose to Kane but for some reason, Finn Balor was chosen to take the fall. It gives way more merit to WWE’s usual 50/50 booking than most might realize. But in the end, it’s still a rather questionable decision.

Balor is penciled in to possibly face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble for the Universal Title as well which makes this creative decision even more questionable.

Let’s see how this one plays out because it happened in the midst of a SmackDown Invasion angle, but even with Raw under siege, it was still a very unusual choice.

  • MrDr3w

    I think that because Wyatt is out, they had nothing planned for Balor, so they needed a way to sideline him until he could start his program with Brock.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They are obsessed with clean finishes. I’ve said it before, I miss the days of run-ins, interference, distractions, etc. I don’t think there’s enough of that anymore. Anything or anyone could have caused Balor to lose in a more controversial fashion, but no, they went the clean finish.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Balor has a solid 2 months to come back from this loss.
    Kane needed to make an impact, and beating up Curt Hawkins probably wouldn’t have done that.

  • Brian

    Balor should be on 205 Live, not on the main roster. Kane outweighs him by 100+lbs, is a foot taller than him. Matching them in the first place is ridiculous. You can only bend reality so far for a storyline.

  • CC

    So who else should come out? It has to be a baby face. Has to be someone with some balls. And has to be someone higher up the card. If they brought out Heath Slater, what point would that serve for instance?
    You know 100% Heath would lose.
    With Balor coming out, and coming off the back of his defeats of Bray and Styles, you have a feeling he could win. Having him lose to Kane is a shock.
    From this though, you get a few options.
    Firstly, the obvious is that we are going to see Kane vs Strowman. But now Balor has lost to Kane, we have the option of Balor somehow being involved at some point. And seeing as Kane is “The devils favourite demon” and Finn is the “demon king”, it makes sense that we might see a demon vs demon match.
    On something like this, you have to look at the possibly longer view.
    Last night we were told Strowman will be out for a while, which may be a lie, but if it isnt, then Kane Demon vs Balor Demon seems to be an obvious direction, especially as we also do not know how long Bray will be out.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Yep it not like he beat Demon Balor which is undefeated. This is a send off for Kane.

  • jack

    the product is garbage. they got nothing but brock coming back every few months and doing german suplexes and brooks appeal is because of what he did in UFC independent of WWE. they couldn’t even build but finn balor. kane, a guy who has been there over 20 years is the future then eh?

  • Steel Chef

    All WWE cares about is how to make Braun stronger. If Kane beat one of the best on RAW, it makes Kane looks stronger even though Kane is going to be here for a short time. They aren’t looking at the whole picture, just the now.