Possible name to headline WWE Hall Of Fame 2018

Per reports from Wrestling Observer, Former World Champion and Hollywood star Dave Batista is being considered as the possible star to headline the WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018.



It’s been more than 3 years since Batista last appeared on WWE TV and his last appearance was during a Raw episode in June 2014 after returning to the company just a few months earlier.

While he has been outspoken about not liking the way his return was handled, the former World Champion has also shown interest in returning to WWE, though only for Live Events.

Considering the fact that the former WWE Star is busy with his Hollywood commitments, it looks unlikely that he would make a full-time return to WWE in future.

Given the age of the 48-year-old star and the fact that he has stated multiple times that he is not interested in returning to WWE for an on screen wrestling role, it would be a wise choice on the company’s part to have him headline the Hall Of Fame next year.

Due to his record in the company which includes half a dozen World title wins as well as a couple of Royal Rumble victories, he looks to be a worthy contender for the Hall OF Fame and his presence will also help WWE in gaining some main stream media attention due to Batista’s Hollywood status.

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