Is Batista still under a WWE Contract?

While Batista was welcomed with open hands when he first returned to WWE back in 2014, it didn’t take long for fans to turn on him which forced WWE to turn him into a heel.



Not long after this, he left the company to promote the Guardians Of The Galaxy and never returned, which left people questioning what was his contractual status.

Recently a fan asked Mike Johnson of Pwinsider if the Animal was still under contract because he left only to promote the film, and Mike said this:

“Unless WWE had a clause in their deal that Batista’s contract would freeze until his return, no.  I was the first to report that internally, management didn’t believe he was ever going to return to complete that run and as it turned out, years later, he never did.”

While this answer doesn’t exactly confirm if Batista is indeed under contract or not, it’s unlikely that WWE would have kept the contract frozen for so long even if they had such clause in it. Since Batista has also said that he would only like to return for a non-TV role his contract is most likely terminated by now.

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