Becky Lynch used to dumb herself down to not outshine others

Becky Lynch is one of the biggest names in women’s wrestling right now and she got there on her own with the support of her fans.



Lynch recently revealed that she used to dumb herself down and try not to outshine others or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Lynch told FanByte that during the Four Horsewomen era in NXT she used to make sure not to perform better than her contemporaries.

“With the Four Horsewomen when we started to break out, everybody wanted to see better from the other, instead of being competitive, you know, everyone wanted to step up their game,” Lynch says. “Everybody wanted to have the best match, everybody wanted to have the best reactions, and that helps everybody step up because nobody wants to be left behind. I think for a long time I used to dumb myself down because I didn’t want to outshine anyone or make anybody feel uncomfortable. And then once I stopped doing that and was like, no, you wanna get on my level, come meet me up here, I think it sparked a bit of a fire in everyone.”

When Lynch stopped doing that and cared about focusing and improving herself, it did wonders for her. She gave advice to people who are on the same boat as Becky Lynch before she turned into ‘The Man’:

“I guess it’s more about being yourself and being relentless in chasing your dreams. Don’t let anybody be the reason you’re dumbing yourself down and making yourself small, and go after what you want with no apologies.”

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