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The Bellas Talk Sibling Competitiveness, Having John Cena and Daniel Bryan on Total Bellas, More

Nikki and Brie Bella were recently interviewed for the edition of Muscle & Fitness which they graced the cover of. You can check out highlights from the interview here:

You’re a team, so you work together a lot, but how competitive are you with each other?

Brie: It’s funny, because we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders but are so competitive! As a competitive athlete you always want to come out on top and give your best work. So whether it’s my sister or any other opponent, I’m competitive.

Nikki: I’m competitive, but with my sister I feel like what-ever she gets, I get, and I get to enjoy the ride. But don’t get me wrong—if it’s playing beach volleyball or a pick-up game of soccer, no matter who it is, I’m competitive. I always want to win, which can be good or bad, but I look at it as good.

How demanding is being a WWE Superstar?

Nikki: Being a WWE Superstar can be very demanding. We travel almost 300 days a year and we want to look good and feel strong, but this is how it is for anyone who is in the competition world and wants to be the best. We train, but we also focus on taking care of ourselves at the same time.

How much pressure is there to look the part?

Brie: As WWE Superstars we want to have confidence and stand strong in the ring. We are tomboys. So for us, it was always about physical strength and mental strength. Standing up there with courage is what is important and that is how we want to be portrayed.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan on Total Bellas:

Brie: “Viewers are also going to see some monumental things, including Nikki’s neck surgery and Daniel retiring from WWE. Fans will get to see the ups and downs from both of those journeys. What I love, too, is that you actually get to hear from Daniel’s perspective. In Total Divas, our men are our garnish. In Total Bellas, you finally get them in the interview chair and you get to hear their perspective on the events going on. Fans will get to hear their point of view.”