Ben Affleck Melts Down After J-Lo Wears…

It has come to light that Ben Affleck has issues with his wife Jennifer Lopez’s bold dressing and her “obsessive image consciousness,” Geo TV reported.



According to Heat Magazine, Affleck desires JLo to tone down her “provocative” fashion sense with the insider claiming that he does not want her to turn from a “glamorous diva” to a “soccer mom.”

But, he does want to see her accept some realities and “would love” it if she’d “dress more like a married woman in her fifties,” the source shared.

They said the Hollywood actor-director feels “exhausted” by Lopez’s “constant need for attention and validation” despite already being a successful star.

“Ben gets that being a glamorous diva is all part of Jen’s persona, and he’s not trying to turn her into a soccer mom or anything. But this constant ‘look at me’ act is getting annoying to a point where he can’t stand it,” they added.

The source continued: “Even when she’s away from the cameras, she’s always preening in front of the mirror, fussing over her make-up and outfits, and obsessively monitoring her social media.”

“He’s exhausted by her constant need for attention and validation,” the insider said, before adding that Affleck only wishes to see Lopez “tone it down and be a little more conservative.”

“He’s not asking her to totally change her style, but he would love it if she’d dress more like a married woman in her fifties,” the tipster claimed.

“He feels her need to compete with all the kids half her age and being so thin-skinned to any criticism at all is just exhausting to be around.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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