Biden Told To Stop Eating Ice Cream For…

During the coverage of President Joe Biden’s latest physical examination, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski made a sarcastic comment suggesting that the President should stop eating ice cream to make Fox News hosts happy. She stated that the President is “robust” and his doctor has confirmed that the 81-year-old Democrat is “fit” to serve in office via Mediaite.



“Also, I think there’s a prescription he forgot to put on there,” Brzezinski told Jonathan Lemire on Thursday, “and that is to not eat ice cream because it will be the lead of Fox News for 24 hours and cause the hosts to completely melt down.

She added, “for the health of Fox News hosts, he probably should stop eating ice cream.”

President Biden’s fondness for ice cream has been widely talked about this week following his visit to an ice cream parlor for a late-night show interview with Seth Meyers. However, some critics, including Jesse Watters from Fox News, have questioned the appropriateness of Biden discussing serious crises while chatting with a comedian. Watters went on to suggest that ice cream is a common favorite among Alzheimer’s patients.

“Now, obviously, I’m not diagnosing Biden with Alzheimer’s, but you see what’s going on here?” Watters said.

The specific coverage by Watters was also mocked in an interview between CNN’s John Berman and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday.

Jean-Pierre laughed off the reactions and called it “false outrage.”

Polling has shown public concerns about Biden’s age, which the president has made light of. After his latest physical, he told reporters his doctor told him he “looks too young.”

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