Big E Leaks ‘Bad’ Asuka WrestleMania News

Big E discussed WWE not booking Asuka well at WrestleMania over the years, not pushing her in prominent matches, and even in the last year as champion not giving her many title matches. Stephanie McMahon ‘Disrespected’ Asuka Backstage.



“Asuka, to me, is one of my favorite wrestlers male or female on the planet,” Big E told Busted Open Radio today. “The issue with Asuka is she hasn’t had the same machine behind her to make her feel like — she hasn’t had the same opportunities to have these massive WrestleMania moments as the others have. It’s hard to put her in the same vain when you look at her track record. If you want to talk about ability and charisma, what she was doing during the pandemic era, she was wildly entertaining on commentary and matches. She’s a generational talent. There’s never going to be another Asuka.”

Fightful transcribed Big E’s remarks.

Daniel Bryan told Sporting News that Big E could carry WWE into the future, “It’s hard, but that person would be Big E,” Bryan responded. “He’s such a good talker, wrestler and so charismatic. He’s still in his early 30s, he looks the part, he can be funny or scary or everything in between.

If I were in charge, he would have a bigger role. One of the things with wrestling is that you don’t know if somebody is going to succeed in the main event spot until you put them in the main event spot. You never know until they have that opportunity.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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