Big Show on the Strongest Guy He’s Worked With, the ‘New Era’, Superstars He Is Eyeing for the Future, More

WWE Superstar The Big Show was recently interviewed by WSVN-TV entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet in Miami. You can check out the highlights here:



On his weight loss:

“I’m 70 pounds lighter than I was six months ago. I’m down to 396 pounds. I haven’t been this skinny since 1995. I’m the not-so-big Big Show!”

On the Shaquille O’Neal match at WrestleMania 33:

“I threw it out to Shaq at the ESPY Awards and said ‘What’s up. Let’s get this thing going. Let’s give it a run.’ He seemed hip to the game then so we’ll see what happens between now and then. He’s got a lot of little people and I’ve got a lot of little people that have to meet and talk. The invitation is there. Shaq knows it’s in Orlando, it’s a short drive. Show up and get smacked up.”

On the strongest guy he’s worked with:

“John Cena. Hands down. But Brock is probably the most explosive athlete I’ve ever been in the ring with. Brock moves so quick it’s scary sometimes. But as far as people picking me up, nobody’s like John Cena. When Cena picks you up, it’s like you’re standing on concrete. I’ve never seen a guy so composed and so strong and when you’re up there on his shoulders, you’re not going anywhere.”

When the “New Era” began:

“This New Era probably began with The Shield. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose. They were the announcement of the New Era and those guys have really done a great job of building and growing and they’re laying down the groundwork to be tomorrow’s legends.”

On the WWE Superstars he has his eye on for the future:

“Our Women’s Division. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bailey, Becky Lynch. You’ve got future WWE Hall of Famers right there in the Women’s Division alone. You look at the Men’s Division, of course Bray Wyatt. If he stays healthy he’s hands on one of the greatest promo guys we’ve seen in a long time. The true master of telling stories and just freaky weirdness. Eric Rowan. Luke Harper. Braun Strowman has the potential to be a big star in this business too. We’ll see how he does. You’ve gotta go with your favorites like Finn Balor, Sammy Zayn, Kevin Owens. There’s a lot of potential. There’s a great crop of talent coming through.”

On his advice to Big Cass:

“He’s a big, tall kid. There’s no doubt about it. He’s a big long armed, long limbed kid. He’s got great enthusiasm in getting the crowd motivated. He’s still developing and growing into his own skin. I’d like to see Cass get a mean streak. That’s the only criticism I would have for Cass. He’s entertaining, he’s good, but he needs to get mean. If you’re going to be a big guy in this business you gotta get a little nasty.”

On Baron Corbin:

“You want to talk about nasty and mean and a guy who’s got the right attitude? You look at Baron Corbin. Corbin is a big mean nasty in-it-for-him dude and he’s one of my favorite young guys coming up right now.”

On how much longer he has before he retires:

“I can do this as long as Vince McMahon tells me to do this (laughs). I think I have until like February 2018 left in my contract… I’ve done everything I can do. I’ve done my time in the trenches. I’ve done my 5 days a week, 280 days a year for 20 years. So if I’m on a little bit of a limited schedule now, I’m going to enjoy it.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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