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The Big Show On Triple H’s Work With NXT And RAW Being Three Hours Long

The Big Show recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On Triple H’s work with NXT:

“They’re hungry and free and I think that’s the biggest thing that’s different with us [on the main roster] because I think [Triple H] does a real good job with NXT of understanding how to give these kids more time, give these kids a little more freedom on the mic, give these kids a little more freedom on their matches to go out there and get yourselves over.” Big Show added, “and that’s one of the things that I think hurts our program with the three-hour RAW. There’s so much s–t crammed in there [that] guys aren’t given a lot of time to get over. Up here, you get two weeks with something and boom, it’s gone. They’re on to something else. And that’s not a fair assessment to give anybody new that [has] come in. Nobody can get anything done in two weeks. It takes time to get things done and that’s why I’m really happy with NXT because you see these kids get a chance to get over and they build a following.”

On the lack of true heels in pro wrestling:

“The business has changed, absolutely, because here’s the thing. We structured our business so that the referee has integrity now, which I have a huge problem with. But I don’t give a s–t about the referee. I really don’t. I like when heels get heat.” Big Show elaborated, “I mean, we have a lot of kids now and they don’t understand heat. They don’t understand it. I mean, there’s the guy you’re supposed to boo. They get it, but most of our guys are supposed to be babyfaces. Bray Wyatt [has] got the coolest entrance of anybody next to maybe Undertaker, but it’s hard for him to be a heel because he cuts fantastic promos. He [has] got a cool gimmick! I mean, he’s not the prettiest guy on the planet, I get it, but he’s a hell of a worker. He [has] got snap. He [has] got fire. He cuts great promos. How do you hate a guy like that?”

You can listen to the interview here.

  • Mister Who

    Big Show has a point here and he’s right