Bill Maher Plays Video Exposing Trump’s Mistress

Bill Maher isn’t afraid to tackle subjects the mainstream media often avoids, and in a recent episode of “Real Time,” he delved into Stormy Daniels’ testimony. Maher criticized the Democrats for failing to effectively put Trump on trial over the past four years, highlighting missed opportunities.



He pointed out the recent developments in Georgia regarding the prosecutor, Fani Willis, and the stolen documents case, both of which faced challenges. Maher emphasized that the focus now seems to be on Stormy Daniels as a key witness in Trump-related legal matters.

Maher then played a clip from his 2018 interview with Stormy Daniels, where he asked her why she had a sexual encounter with Trump. In her response, Daniels clarified that it wasn’t a case of assault or coercion, contrary to the narrative pushed by some. Maher highlighted the discrepancy between Daniels’ past statements and her current testimony, suggesting potential problems with her credibility.

The discussion continued with analysis from former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, who criticized the trial proceedings and the judge’s handling of evidence. Tolman expressed concern about the confusion and irrelevance of the evidence presented, suggesting that the trial may be more of a spectacle than a genuine legal proceeding.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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