FBI ‘Broke Law’ With Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid

WLT Report recently reported the staged nature of the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property. Well, more specifically, the image the federal law enforcement authorities released to the public of the alleged classified documents was completely doctored.



It has now been noted that legal experts are saying that the release of this doctored crime-scene photo represents evidence tampering and indicates a massive mistake on the part of the FBI and DOJ. Some analysts have even believed that this may undermine the entirety of the case, which is already on its last legs.

Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely postponed Jack Smith’s case and it means that the case will likely be heard after the 2024 election if it is ever heard at all. Here’s what is currently being reported:

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly pointed out via her independent publication Declassified:

At the time, even regime-friendly mouthpieces questioned the need and optics of the raid; the photo helped juice the DOJ’s justification for the storming of Trump’s castle.

“[The] question of whether Trump had classified material with him at his Mar-a-Lago resort has captured the public’s attention.

The photo published by the government appears to answer that question quite affirmatively,” Washington Post resident fact checker Philip Bump wrote on August 31, 2022.

Famed White House correspondent Simon Ateba writes: “IT WAS ALL STAGED!!! In a stunning turn of events, a widely leaked image from the Mar a Lago raid revealed a shocking twist: classified cover sheets were placed atop documents by the FBI.

But the deception doesn’t end there. The Special Counsel admits that some “top secret” cover sheets don’t align with the actual documents, suggesting a rush to incriminate Trump.”

Daily Caller spoke with one legal expert, who explained:

“It could [complicate the case]. I don’t know whether it will or not, but it certainly could.

The allegation or the argument would be, they’ve tampered with the evidence they’ve affected its integrity in some material way.

I mean, it would be as if they had messed with somebody else’s DNA sample or had smudged the fingerprint.”


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