Bobby Lashley ‘Censors’ Offensive Tweet

Bobby Lashley has had enough of the antics of the networks. He has taken to Twitter in a big way to show that he is no longer playing around. Bobby knows his worth and knows that he is the prime example of what a champion is and what a champion defines both in and out of the four walls of professional wrestling. Batista Offered WWE Match With A-List Actor.



This all started with Kofi Kingston and then went on to become an issue with Fox networks. Kofi stated that Bobby Lashley was soft. Fox then asked the WWE Universe if it was true. Some fans agreed and others disagreed.

Here’s one comment from a fan: “He’s soft? Says the guy who wears bright colors, dances to ring, big cheesy smile 24/7 and throws pancakes. Who was the writer who thought Kofi had credibility to make that statement about Bobby? Fire them right now.”

Bobby Lashley caught wind of this and said: “Don’t be idiots. Delete this,” to Fox. With that being said of Lashley, he also took a screenshot of him about to block the WWEFox Twitter page. It looks like there may be trouble in paradise for everyone involved here. Let’s hope the network gets their act together.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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