Bobby Lashley reveals he is unhappy over not getting a match against Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley’s second stint with the company has not taken off the right foot so far and the former Impact star shared his frustration over a talk on the Big J show. Lashley claimed that his WWE run needs a feud with the Beast Incarnate and feels that the fans are waiting for it as well. Lashley said:



“I’m waiting for it to happen, I think so many other people are so also. It’s something that’s going to be electric, it’s something that… needs to happen.”

Lashley went on to admit that he has been waiting for the feud to take place and expressed his displeasure over the company’s ignorance. Lashley stated:

“I wasn’t so much bummed, I was more pissed off, Ever since I came into WWE, there’s always been that comparison, and our paths have never crossed.”

The former MMA star also claimed that he had several conversations with Paul Heyman but has not been able to come across the former Universal Champion.

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